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What¨s wrong with being born a black person  and what¨s wrong with Colour black.

Black is the fundamental in all other colours, black is the origin of all colours. From the perspective of physics and metaphysics, black is the colour of the latent Universe, pregnant for other manifestations ,black colour symbolizes the great universal mother that gave rise to other colours including white, blue, red yellow green etc.

 Thus black is the origin of all colours.

Further diagnoses  will surely lead to the  discovery that black is special, scarce, original and the gold of the human race .When our eyes shall open , we shall see that colours go  beyond race difference,  it is a Cosmic rhythm of coloration  and manifestation of Universal beauty .But spiritual and material ignorance  has lead the gullible blacks to believe that black is evil .Whatever your hitherto ignorantly held view that black is associated with evil , i challenge you to further your research in the field of fundamentals and functions of colour to come to full realization that black is the king of all colours.

 By incidence  blacks are found  predominantly in a location called  Africa .Coincidentally they experienced a bitter deal of the history from their guests.

They  were deceived  to do away with all their  values , belief, and  culture. They were  told to embrace  some others with laid reasons. These resulted  into mental enslavement and loss of dignity.

As you will agree, brain washing was the first shot by the guests  to smoothen  the ground for total enslavement which actually followed. The fact that blacks suffered in wrong side of history must not mean everlasting loss of dignity ,integrity and self respect.

There will always be people who will never be comfortable with other colours and so you will always meet racists world over but how much does blacks love themselves .

 Look around you , you will certainly notice a coloured person or a black  person spending scarce resources  just to look like the whites. Biologically, black people wear short hair but those concerned spends untold dollars to wear long hair to satisfy their the false taste of beauty , I understand that its all about our faulty perception of beauty and what we were made to believe .We hate the colour of our body, We also  hate our natural hair ,our fingers, and our cultures even our Ancestors  are not good enough.Whatever that is ours is not good we were told, Today, our stories are being told  by others because on our own ,we have nothing to show  except a book we were  handed in furtherance of the brain washing.

What we  all  must know is that all counts on the reputation and integrity  of being black.Whether it is about the constant pictures of blacks embarking on  suicidal trips  across Atlantic ocean to greener pastures, the desperate on-line fraudsters or menacing prostitutes.

Black people as a race should rediscover self   and  also assert self in free space called the world  . If you  so hate  yourselves  that you could kill one another in most senseless manner,  hate  everything about yourself,  who do you think will then like you,Respect dignity and integrity are not free gifts you get as hands out, you must work for it. Self rejection by blacks can only stigmatize the race even more. Who says you are not beautiful without that long hairs as if plated hair has never been seen as beautiful .Your shiny dark skin   is specially prepared  for your fight against body bacterial on your Earth journey. But instead  we spend  fortunes to see that we look like that other colour of choice, Crucial here is the fact of damages done to body membrane in  efforts to be fair against all biological restrictions are increasing . it is not  how you look  but how you think that matters .Thank God am black By Elder ElderTony


An Earth without humans may sound as an utopia or sort of  cosmic denial if we go  by  theory  of Creationism. Whichever angle we choose to look at the purposefulness of human existence on Earth, it had always  provided and continually provides opportunities for both  Earth and human to profit from one another ,in other words  the Earth provides us as human a tangible expression of self .

The  profit of the atmospheric condition on Earth enhanced the existence of human  beings on Earth plane.

The macro-mechanism of the Universe may just change  the rhythm of the frequency of Earth¨s vibration  to make the Earth uninhabitable  for man. Whatever theory of human existence  you are  familiar with, the concern and the objective  of the script is to highlight the responsibilities on the side of human beings whose   activities before the time had caused untold numbers of calamities on man .

Here,  we  shall view the Earth as a stationary responsive being and humans as flexible responsive being in an interaction .As human ,the normal function of living  is amongst others to generate waste, which the Mother Earth as a stationary being receives .Though human waste constitute 90percent of human source of of living the Earth has always been the chief benefactor in whatever results from man´s activities .

Over the years because of lack of adequate  environmental or Earth  awareness , the relationship between humans and their landlady ,the Mother Earth has been that of one sided exploitative relationship. With  scientific development that has been achieved by human race, it is now easier to figure out precisely where gold and diamonds are laid underground.

The same goes in the area of petroleum and other minerals as attributes of our Mother Earth inheritance.World over ,especially in the developing world , human catastrophes are many times caused by human  environmentally unfriendly activities .Though human activity  has created innovations which are  components of  today´s  economic progress and better living standard , but the responsibility is on the humans to intensify renewal and safety. No economic activity is worth  the loss of a human life but the records of human catastrophes  resulting from nature unfriendly  activities of those  on a  mission  of nature´s liquidation is immense . Erosion is one major, caused by both natural and human activities .

We noticed that many African countries are yet to inculcate a wholesome  method of Slope and Topographic survey before various road  works are commenced. You will thereby manage the channeling of flood and overcome surface eroding process .Communities still  see themselves   as  isolated from another which may just be half a kilometer near.  Random sand  excavation in most parts of Nigeria especially the South Eastern parts of the country constitute  very high percentage in the cause of erosion in the area.

These people  forget that the Earth is Spherical, so that the formation of Earth layers are linked thousands of miles away from us . In ignorance they will  argue that the land belongs to them or community,  thereby exposing others to possible  Erosion menace years after excavation has ended. Ignorance  and cultural misinformation as noticed  are chief causes of their cases . Some  believed that the erosion is caused by provoked gods . And many see flood as actions of some  irate god or deity.

 The case here is that humans  are the ones that will be affected negatively by his consistent environmental misconducts.

Until human beings who are the only problem  the Mother Earth has, change their attitude towards our Mother Earth, the consequence of man¨s action may be more devastating .Humans invented plastic wares to ease in domestic and business operations but plastic is now one of the greatest environmental challenges globally.

Basically, we should begin to review the relationship with the Earth our Landlady, May she never be angry at all. She is constantly full of riches and treasures ,she asks for respect ,renewal and gratitude . By Elder Tony (Human-digest)



 Human sacrifice is as old as the earth itself. At  at the point in the evolution of mind of man when man beheld the wonders of the universal order and manifestations of powers beyond their understanding.   They  held fast that these powers   may be appeased  when human being  is offered  as sacrifice .

 Human sacrifice was a popular religious  cum traditional doctrine in past ages.Its a practice that  spans  from North America to Asia ,Europe , and Africa. The reasons are not far fetched, for instance the self awareness of man  is  then  unable to see  how unfair, criminal and anti-humans these actions were, as far as they are concerned they are doing the will of the  divine, gods  must be obeyed they will argue,

 Human  sacrifice  can be ceremonial and punitive,  while the practice will be deployed to appease gods it  can be deployed also as a judicial  measure of justice .

Human sacrifices were popular amongst .;


The Incan  thought that  the best offering to their  gods are the children, the virgins  the belief that they  are  sinless  makes it more acceptable to their gods ,


 Uncountable number of humans were on record to have been sacrificed to the Sun god  in Egypt ,these were at the order of chief priest.


 The Maya people  used sink holes to offer  untold number of humans  in their efforts  to make an acceptable offerings,


 Africans  used retainers human sacrifices to  aid the departing king, queen or a strong personality. In their theory of after life, the king or queen should be able to enjoy attentions as were the case  during earth life. The dead needed these servants who will be buried  alongside with the dead in spirit world . Even properties that can be accommodated are buried alongside  for use by the dead.Humans are used to pay debt as well as satisfy the so called wishes  of the adored gods.

The multi  modes of human sacrifices that  exists in Africa mingled with strong religious input that found fertility in the emotion ladened  gullible  minds of Africans led to  strong persistence of perpetuity even in the face of various National and International laws and conventions  against murder, brutality  and all abuses .

STRONG RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE  Religion is one fast way of indoctrination  and popularization  of opinion  amongst the adherents.

 One clear typical example of how the human sacrifice are carried out  is the Abraham´s offering of Isaac to be slaughtered ,Going through Genesis 22 in the bible, you will understand that there were no quarrel  of what would have happened if a young man named Isaac  be cut to pieces . There were many examples of human and animal sacrifices littered in the bible ,Ref,1 Samuel 16;5/  Ezekiel 39;17/   Leviticus 23;19/  Exodus 34;15/   1 Corinthians 10;20/  Genesis 22 

These can reveal  the migratory nature of Christian values and believes .It is  also a measure of the evolution of mind of man.Irrespective of religious inclination,  we now know that slaughtering of  fellow humans  like yourself  for whatever reason is an exercise of self suicide because humankind is fused into one nexus. Preachers make sound bits of how faithful Abraham was without  viewing the  would be consequence of his  action  as a murderer . I can hear some one saying ´but that was old testament' then  my response should  be, that without old testament there would not  be any new  testament ,these  are  part of various conspiracies  that did not smile at Religion,  same goes in the slave trade conspiracy .

 Today human  sacrifice is still  going on as usual  in most African Countries, .  Beyond  the final action of sacrifice ,there is basic underlying  perception, understanding and awareness  of self that accepts that we are as products  at the mercy of the other. a  situation  that never had existed amongst animals .In all researched creatures  , humans are the only that turned   another  into a piece of merchandise . In other words  you must see another human from an angle of  value before you begin to imagine  abuse . Ignorance is dangerous  and kills more   than  bows and arrows .

 In  Africa human  sacrifice  happens in various ways ,a human can be offered  without being killed physically but psychologically   though such  person will be marked out  as  sacrificed  .In Ghana ,West Africa  till date people are  still being sacrificed  both as judicial mechanism and on suspicion of witchery  and wizardry . The level of human abuses in the so called Trokoshi system in Ghana is  a picture of 12 century in 21st century. All  at the nose of authorities , certainly  there are enough  laws  against the practice but what happens when many are ignorant.. .Through  our persistent  ignorance,  we allow  ourselves  to wither, suffer , and die  just for reason  of not knowing enough.

Another bad  example  is the human sacrifice going on now in Tanzania   and some East African countries  where Abinos are the target .They believe  that Albino body parts can make them rich.Go to Tanzania,  how many of those  murderers  are now Bilgate  or Dangote ,I said that  the first  challenge  Africa has is ignorance the second problem is ignorance  and the last is ignorance

.In  Nigeria there is on going human sacrifice ,From the start of the preparation to go to Italy for hustling ,there will be preparatory  activities involving  the subject of sacrifice  in this case, a young girl, parts of her sensitive  body points will be marked or cut ,her biological parts collected , Oath will  be administered  at certain stage  to keep the subject to  the purpose and mode of  sacrifice. The  victims are later released  to the Oracle which in case is one Madam ,mostly retiree  prostitutes .Though these individuals are not killed  but  have been  sacrificed . I want to make  it abundantly clear that  85 percent  of those sacrificed  were well aware of what they are to go through . Many of them knew before hand that they are going to prostitute  contrary to the widely held view that  they are all just innocent victims , the cry are louder when those of their criminal Madam are over burdening them.

 Since history  began , there have always been   people who willingly  offer themselves to be offered to gods to prove ,love, care  and strength while  some are slaves who are regarded  as less human . African needed not to expect another Columbus  to upgrade and change  from values  that marked the dark of ages of the world . We have no reason whatsoever  to lock ourself out of the universal stream of awareness  to refocusing man to his divinity ,mortality ,and  inter-relationship  fusing as the mass of universal energy that delivers order.

Imagine the  world of Order, Imagine  yourself in others, stop human sacrifice and brutality  we are just one stream of different sparks sharing the sphere By Elder Tony (


 It may be safe to conclude that most black people exhibit more emotional tendency than other races. You can notice that your neighbor  who is a black person  may have been manifesting some sort of emotional up shoot, some times shouting, very hard laughing, uncontrollable display of grief. These tendencies tend to  be subconsciously rooted ,so that there exists very little one can do other than apply restrain where possible.

As  mostly animists,  before interaction with outside world, there was a totally  absorbed linkage between an African Animist and what he or she hopes and lives for, an outline of actions and process are strictly followed . Resulting therefore , an average practitioner should make a list of wishes and expectations  and submit to  his  God .Sacrifices are also offered to establish a covenant.

Their  God should also ensure that  there is adequate rain and sunshine ,Its  understandable why it has to  be their God that will provide all their needs including urinating.

 At the point of Africa¨s early interaction with the white strangers who came with new God and strange news,there were  unbalanced values and vices as were then in many other continents though at various ratio .The standard of African value may fall short of what is obtained  else where, but there was a system on the ground that needed not to be thrown away without question and data saving process .I am proud of those few who stood their ground to say that our fathers have faired well ,they  may not be all perfect  .Certainly  each camp must do their best to overcome  and dominate.The strange news  discouraged their hosts from going any further with their former God. The idea was ´ look, here is another God, who can offer more than your former God, try my own. From then  onwards those  who are convinced changed the focus of their hopes and expectations.The later do not demand to much from you, just believe. These ideas and perceptions were easily delivered inclusive of other sciences which are  of great need  to the Africans who had long depended on their God for healing and prosperity.

Africa has proved that they are the most gullible section of this world.Because of African´s emotional volatility, the business of preachers and indoctrinators found booming business in Africa. Some notable religio-economists who invested billions in building super and mega Churches are smiling to the banks and cruising in high cost transport means with body guards.They go in names such as G.Os general overseer ,Apostles, Prophets/Prophetesses ,Bishops, Pastor General and so on, Before Africa were conquered ideologically. There were no recorded or coded material to instigate research.

Many converted Chiefs and Kings assisted the invaders to steal many major African art works depicting the story of black man on Earth. Africa threw away itself along side those things that  she are actually needed,  only but positive input that will cause evolution to progress.There was dedicated move to take advantage of Africa¨s emotional volatility.For instance, those who indoctrinated you that all  you have are all evil and should be thrown away turns out to be  those keeping those ageless artworks of our four fathers in costly museums of the world.Today  in the twenty first century  many Africans  are still waiting for the God to go to the farm for them while they are fasting. These are  the points where Africa¨s personality issue started ,. Whatever you have is not good enough , you do not like the way you look any more,for women, their hair must be same with what they saw as an example of a beautiful  woman drawn by another, Afro hair is not good any more, certain cream has to be applied to changed us to some other preferred color,

Ironically Africa is still the most backward continent in the world in spite of her magical God ready all times to perform miracle.Here is not to  say little of so many positive influences from religion.God will always solve those tasks which will otherwise be impossible for you to carry out .When you do not know that it is up to you entirely to figure out how many children you will be able to  care for .Do not expect that God will turn you to a Professor when you will never go to school or touch a pen,you must bear in mind that God will work with you and not for you .The moment that common sense is not active, all is about mankind is  zombie and mental slavery.As if Africans are the only one in the world who appreciated that they are created by God.What more is lovely than being fair and just to one another and  in this instance Africa is largely at zero, you can also say that whatever that is lovely is also Godly.Here is the time that Africans begin the journey of self recovery and self  realization  to usher in break through in knowledge which will empower all. By Elder Tony (humanityjournals,com}     


  Essence of today is to bring yesterday to justice. Today provides us with an opportunity to critically take a look at the yesterday which is gone. Today provides us with chance to review our dealings and relationships whether they are of political, religious, economic and social considerations.The importance of today in our lives is so crucial, we enjoy once again a turn in a circle to criticize and and bring our mistakes into correction .

There are many layers of yesterdays in each life.Contents of these days gone are  made up  of our conscious and sub-conscious actions.It contains our good deeds and bad deeds, our joys and sad moments , our successes and failures. Sometimes we wish that one more time be given to us.In every of our today we are given another paper and time to re-write our exam.Today is  also the foundation of tomorrow  just as  today is resting on yesterday foundation

Today serves as  a bridge that connects yesterday and tomorrow

The today¨s civilization is the result of the positive criticism of the perceptions and value systems of the past.

Another important nature of today is that it renews itself each time but certainly  with  numbers of participants that variates at each circle. That is why those decisions have to be made and be made quickly whether it concerns politics, economy, social in nature, spiritualism or love actions,  go ahead now and do it,

Do not say let it be later what the present moment can realize .Today on itself has no time as it receives  constant threat from tomorrow to hurry out. 

When we sleep over our yesterday by tomorrow there may be sleep challenge.As we must be conscious of the fact the bed on which to lay on by tomorrow is being laid now by today.The  essence of today is to reconcile with yesterday and prepare  ground to welcome tomorrow which is already on its way coming. By Elder Tony (


Africa is familiar with slavery and its consequences  therein . International Slavery   began earlier than 1440´s  as was reflected in many research accounts.  Slavery was in practice thousands of years even before the birth of the first known civilization ,


According to the oxford popular dictionary, a slave is that person  owned by another and under servitude, a slave is that helpless victim of  some dominating influence.Other definitions says that slave is one who is subservient to the will of another without choice. A slave is one that is under a bond (bondman or bondwoman). At a point in human development, when humans are viewed and valued as a property that can be owned, families trade their siblings to settle debts .A person is  exchanged for goods and services , some  are under bonds that can expire after  certain number of years and some are for life time .Kings and Queen receive humans as gifts.


 Slavery was one single international trade that coerced people of races together and was very profitable for those Lords and Masters some of who has an exclusive rights to buy and sell trade in particular region.

 Those slave traders   used their proceed to build Cathedrals across Europe and many of those families who traded on human beings as products are still enjoying slave profits till date .

Reconciling various assertions  of the Holy books like Bible and others ,its evident that slave men and women or bondwomen and bondmen as it was later code-named are common  practice,.leviticus 25;44/Exodus 21;16-21/Colosian4;1- /Titus 2;9-  etc .

The Church knew and tolerated the lucrative  trade as a legitimate means of earning  and some clergies  engaged indirectly in the practice ,remember there were no separation between religion and politics then .For example;Pope Constantine who became Pope in 708 till his death  also ruled as an Emperor and that structure continued when Pope Gregory11 succeeded  him. Records manifested that the Portuguese were given monopoly over African slaves  but British explorers  could  not allow that  to endure as they also invaded parts of west Africa in search of products (slaves).


 While a large number of slaves  were enslaved as war loot, others were bought outside their will and consent. Some people are     slaves because their parents gave them out as a ransom but of importance is the fact that some individuals willingly offered  themselves or families to be enslaved .

I have watched the arguments as concerns Africans enslavement in Libya and Italy .Let me state it as it is, firstly, its an issue of non application of common sense and results of long held distorted social value. Over hundreds of years , the social structure and its doctrines which are rooted in belief system beclouded the serenity of most African minds and the result was self rejection.Your clothing, language,culture, and values were not good ,they were made to believe . Assumptions that you have nothing good in you, your body perhaps is not good enough, your color is better if it had been something else, may be your nose should not had been the way it is, you need to change it to look like something else, Remember Micheal Jackson Nose Make-up.

 So for  long, our consciousness is plagued with vain desire  for something which we are  not, naturally . Well, it is understandable the plight of the Europeans who are currently being plagued by  nuisance of prostitution, drugs or other forms of criminalities. The true story is that 99precent of those prostitutes you see are well aware of the business .Preparation from departing points would have revealed to an idiot that you are about to be enslaved. Both the would be prostitutes and the Madam view this  as a business venture and something to be proud of.

 As against widely held opinion  that  the cause of these enslavement is solely because of poverty, research has shown that the money invested in the trade is always to enough to succeed in life,

 For instance ,there are evidence of people who sold their house and properties to make the journey which seem as though they were forcefully engaged .My research revealed that so many of these Africans at some point begged to be sold out to Arabs for peanuts .

The other day i re-visited the story of IBO landing in America ,where some  African would be slave swore that instead of them to be enslaved they rather float away with the water that brought them and they kept their words. Greed  is the word. There are still those who after enslaving themselves refuse any form of attempt to redeem them. Until  we as  a race start primarily to appreciate ourselves ,then shall we be able to do self  evaluation  to understand that we are the minority in world in terms of color classification. Sense of pride will dispel  that of being subservient.

 Before concluding ,let us here agree  that its no longer Portuguese,Dutch,Britain America but we ourselves  buying and selling ourselves, Volunteering  to be enslaved.

Even during the slave-boom , Africans are the accomplices ,they offered  to capture their relatives  and sell them to highest bider, will you now say it is an issue of poverty then? because people were exchanged for a bottle of dried gin or gun powder.  Until we see best in ourselves ,in our color , religion , abilities and blessings we shall continue to chase vanities ,from Brazilian hair to bleaching cream to anything we see from others because we have never  valued ourselves. African lives worths exactly the value we place on them. We needs mental liberation more than we need poverty alleviation.

 With the right mental attitude it is much easier to check social challenges .Then common sense will put us in the right logic in response to life needs and wants which are ever present By Elder Tony (humanityjournals)


 Human development is  the process of increasing the capacities   of individuals, Its about widening the possibility  for equality, fairness,justice ,economic wellbeing, security, and education

The picture of African  human development as  painted by United Nations Development Report2016 is grossly  discouraging but one that  you could agree with. It showed  increase in human  inequality especially between male and female in distribution of  resources ,wealth  and power according to the report by UNDP. Institutional obstacles are very evident as  the major  outstanding challenge .

These  institutional  obstacles include  Obnoxious cultural practices peculiar to Africa

,Religious believes and assumptions ,environmental constraints , Political instability ,Ethnicity ,Tribalism and Nepotism  etc

As an African , my  experience  is that the most dangerous  and aggressive  obstacle militating  against  progressive human development    in Africa is religion,

 Religion  took over the lead of obstacles against  African human development from Cultural inhibitions. Since  human development index  is  the map that shows civilization ,Nations should  feel pressured if  the index  manifest is negative.

 Human development  starts  from  awareness of  self  including that of recognition  of your potentials through  education and  emotional intelligence.

.Through  education, you are equipped to provide solution to certain human life challenge, education  should expose us to those scientific procedures that will enable us  to create wealth

.But  to be objective , faith in God to provide our daily bread had taken over scientific approaches  to create  wealth and healthy living. Crusades  have taken over  eminence from economic forum or workshop  where ideas are floated which are  designed to increase our productive capacity.

Because  it costs less  effort  to  walk in to any crusade ground  where prosperity  is promised and have faith. But  experience had proved  that  people  with less opportunity throng  churches  more in large  progressive number  in search of  wealth through miracles. Fasting  became  the prerequisite  for work  searching,  where you spend twenty one days in fasting and one day in job search .Overwhelming percentage of people that belong to this category regard corrupt  acquisition as the awaited God´s  blessing.

 Some other religion(s) prescribes  polygamy .While it provides temporal conditional satisfaction to practitioners  , the long time economic  consequences of  polygamy is undeniable. When  index matters , you will see  that  those  countries  with highest birth is synonymous to poverty. Therefore , the first step to  check  low human development index  for  Africa is  a  matter  of choice . Will Africans  choose  rightly in their principles towards human development between one man four wives with faith or  according your  realistic  economic budget . According to UNDP report 2016 with exception of  South Africa and few southern African countries all  others   belonged to Low human development index., most of which  has maternal mortality deaths  ratio close to 814 for Nigeria per 100000 and over 1000 for Sierra-leone  while  Ghana is 319 per 10000,

When you further  localize  the demography  of intensity you will notice  that in all the aforementioned  countries  the maternal mortality rate  is always  very high  where  one  man to many wives and children are  prevalent. Therefore  change in perception and cultural value  is critical to bring about a reverse  in the  negative curve .Otherwise  how can you cure  some one who does not know   how sick one is ,and  possible cause of the sickness.

 Will Africa understand  that God  will work with  you  and not for you.

 Africans  must  know that no where in world  was their  economy built through  magic.

The factors  that will determine  whether  we  Africans  move forward  is dependent  on ability to know  than to  believe.

I will  like  to refer to Christian faith and Greek philosophy by A.H Armstrong and R.A Markus 1960 which  says quote ( Knowledge  is a prerogative of  the  mind, of understanding;in its judgment alone is knowledge to be found. This  knowledge  itself  is not of the changing,mutable things we experience: but of the intelligible world  of  forms .Knowledge of this world  is, of  course  relevant  to the world of becoming ) Plato´s assertion . To grow, intellectual  re-awakening  and  self confidence  is needed  for self evaluation and  determination to weed off cache of our  long held cultural cum religious bearing  By  Elder  Tony (Humanityjournals)


 Motion  actualizes  migration and migration  is the blood of any given society., Movement from one place of abode to another is part of  cosmic rhythm ,dramatized  as ´´Ocean Dance where the stream of humans and animals  gravitate or are attracted to areas and corners across  the Earth .There are various  reasons why people migrate  from  one place to the other ,Humans and goods must continue to move around for the survival of the Earth., ´Shipping or Perish`

Centuries ago  it was  seen as  exploration, people set out  to see what is  going on out there. People are free to settle wherever  they find  space ,no boundary , no passport , you are only required to say your  name and origin.

 (1)Economic Migration

 (2)Pleasure Migration

(3)Political Migration

(4)Education Migration

(5)Health Migration

(6)Religious Migration

Whatever reason we decided to migrate, we must be  aware that we knew our origin but our destination  is under the dictate  of probability .In the  time-line of the migrants  we saw  that the world witnessed  major mass migration across the world between 1872-1875 during and after Franco- Prussian war.
Many Europeans  moved  across the Atlantic  for greener life during these periods of wars ,

,World war 1(1914-1918) and World war 2 (1939-1945) and cold war that  followed afterwards  instigated  the mass movements of the Europeans  across the world.

This  can be regarded   as both economical and political migration.Though there were  instances of unexpected but  the new settlers  were able to  make home their present geographical location

.Experience  of usual daily life become  conformed ,in tune and in order.

The year  1900-till date   witnessed   mass movements of Africans across the World but mostly to Europe, because  of  proximity.Many people are running  for their safety , some are primarily  motivated by economic quest. Here  is  another example of political and economic migration.

Major issues  for  African migrants were  acceptance from their hosts.Make-ups  for the new found culture  that they needed to inculcate .As evidenced, many of them mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa are easily  integrated.

We have  also  witnessed  mass  movements of  Arabs2003 till date for reasons not unconnected  with wars  and invasions across the world but mostly Europe because of its proximity .

There  are issues of   inflexibility in accepting or rejecting statue quo cultures.

Timeline  of the migrants  showed  imaginal  daily life of Mr H.M , he is one  of those who wakes  up everyday  with anger, full of memories of his loss , past glory, dreams and disappointments , The host European Nation of his residence is so humane,charitable ,that they offered  him to stay and legal promise of means for food ,medicine and house. Mr H M  who is always  angry  has  lost any sight of  kindness and goodwill offerings to him and around him.

Mr H M  will source reasons wherever they could be found to increase the  fire of anger  which has now turned to hate. Mr H M can collaborate  global political reasons in his eyes of perception to want to direct his long held anger against interests and targets. But we  should  not forget quickly  the heart of love that welcome  new face from afar , the widow´s might contributed to care for strangers and hands that  gave  cover over homeless.  I have said that hate  and anger  blinds  carriers to positivity .Mr H M  could now afford certain life amenities  but he is still angry.  I  share the dilemma of Europeans, being  killed for your charity and show of humanity , If you are  in Rome do as the  Romans do they say.

 Even as  a Leader when anger is the  foundation ,no positive target will be accomplished .For instance ,President Muhammadu Buhari of  Nigeria  is  one typical example of angered rulers , He is angry over many political cum economic issues in his Country,  The anger stemmed  from contradictions in ideas he tried to propagate in the 80s when he overthrew the then legitimate government . When anger turns  into hate  social chaos will descend . Then the crush them syndrome  will  follow because fear follows hate.

So much so , there are many angry H M all over Europe , even when their  host Nation has done to  them equally as  own citizens ,treated them with  love  but still choose to want to harm  those that cared and protected them even in time of need. I write as an immigrant . Can we  reweigh our actions and possible consequences. It will now continue to be  harder  and harder  for those who want to perform other  modes of migration ,health, education etc., because  of actions of these ingrates .Hate and anger  had a child,  its name is poverty. By Elder Tony (Humanityjournals)


 Over the years ,African leaders and few opportunists  have    reckless free swim in the wealths of  their Nations, Soon after independence ,many leaders were enthusiastic to manifest to the  Colonialists that they  can make a difference in the lives of their people.

 A mention  of these  exceptional Leaders that manifested  integrity and commitment  to  the provision of  basic needs of their people and those that did not. will enlighten us and provide more perspectives .. Julius Nyerere.(Tanzania) Kwame Nkruma (Ghana)Siaka Stevens(SierraLeone) Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and Tafawa Balewa(Nigerian) Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) Mobutu Sese Seko(Democratic Republic of Congo). World Nelson Mandela (Republic of South Africa)

Till  to date, some of the foundations laid  by these  aforementioned Leaders still exists in their various  Countries, here  the foundation  connotes  the institution, governmental process,  education, metropolitan and regional planning ,All what are  now being implemented as macro political doctrines  for many African countries were  as carry over from the political experiments of these   timeless fathers who inherited governments from former colonists  and employers of labor . A  little of nervousness , confusion , unsure of what comes next , many  of them inherited a well organized institutions as you will have  in any  geographical location such as an under developed Africa then,

 Sad  is that  one of those who laid foundation and fought for the independence  of Zimbabwe is still hanging around,When you use 30 years to lay foundation when will you then start building .His case worth mentioning because he was  a freedom fighter , a position he had since corrupted  with political overstay   I will state that its clearly the duty of those in government to evolve strategy to initiate programs for institutions and development.

The work of foundation laying of African political and social institution is not done when vandalism , looting and robbery  of public funds began . Likes of Mobutu and Mugabe  demonstrated skills  in power abuse  which goes in concomitant  with  decay of public institutions . Africans  lost the sights of relevant  cultural inputs which would have  created  a balance between what the colonial masters designed for her and  what constitutes the realities of their countries in terms of problems of ethnicity ,monopoly, religion and  other socio-economic cum social geographic issues. Decades after the colonists left , some can  still collaborate African socio-economic problems to  past colonialism .

Those  who  voted for this argument  is  simply saying that  human beings that reside in Africa can not  effectively deploy the five sense   tool and  emotional intelligence  with which they mastered the weather and the forests . The wastages  you see around , mostly in our sub-Saharan Africa  by Political leaders is such  that it suggests that there is lack  of understanding ,lack of good use of the five senses, greed, and a sense  of them and him and his family, . These are cultural issues and have nothing to do with former colonialists who have since  left.

The cultural issues include  that of religion, Nepotism ,tribalism ,etc , these cultural   vices have an extensive effects  on  any political or administrative  structure and breeds corruption .London, Paris ,New York   became  a relaxation  points , where money  can be spent in dollars  on prostitutes  while their population is dieing in hunger .Building institution  for posterity goes beyond cash issue , if only African politicians and intellectuals  are driven  by vision and positive ideas that works as  shown by  the likes of Mandela , Nkruma, , Nyerere etc.

 Successive  dictators , whether its in  Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa succeeded in handing  down to the present  a corrupted systems  and processes .The  damage is more  in people¨s psych  and  emotions ,Thus , it will  take  long  to re-educate  the  citizenry .A glimpse  into  the  consequences  of persistent social distortion is  better done on face-book  social network, you will notice evidence of increase in brutality, street fighting mostly by black brothers and sisters , all manner of heartless criminality on the rise including terrorism .

These are clear evidence  of  social and political disharmony , the reason you have  poverty  all over Africa is not  that there is no means to be  self sustained  but that those who seized  the seat of policy   making  thinks  that their families  must waste  as much as possible in terms  dollars and  other resources , visit the most expensive harlot  and be able to have  houses in all major countries of the world while  the death role in hospitals increases because  there is no needle to inject patients  ,I am not talking of drug availability .

Most young  Africans now resorted to suicide  on high oceans of the world while their  masters and  dictators fly on private jets. African have now gone back to slave trade which  the whole world forbid , we are now  selling our children, five months, four years, ten years to  highest bider . Until  we understand the  right social mechanism  for societal  development which does not really require  so much money  but  the right mentality and motivation with right and  more inclusive vision  for  posterity.

The effects of religion is yet an untold story,  you will not be surprised  to  see a community that  lives in shanties , no electricity , no running water, no good road, no school but the mosque or church that will be standing  alone and  high will worth billions, I will be  compensated,  if the existence of these churches or mosques  have resulted into reduction in criminality, as  the churches and mosques grows ,  criminality  and evil grows at higher proportion . Its  is now a fun to look for free   black  street fighters to post on face book or some black women shaking  their bottom , these are effects  and signs of profligate situation , I am  using this medium to call on African leaders to take some steps back  to see the damage already done to the emotional structures of most Sub-Saharan African  men and women for what some  body failed to do and what  they did wrongly,

The youths must see ,not hearing those  things  that will make them look and hope  for  future .

There is need for  a rethink and refocusing  as the continent has now been properly affected  and  marked  by  spread  of terror .

In doing so  , we will be able to take Alamajiris off our roads ,out of dangers , as to  be more profitable to themselves and the nation at large,  bring the Fulanis  who insists on living in 13th century ,roaming the forests in the name cattle  rearing .There is no more Europeans coming to convince the Fulani to embrace education alongside  whatever they decide to do in life,

Those who are fighting for God ,as  said , should be helped to the understanding  that they  are now on Earth , shared  with  other people of different views , ideas ,hopes for happiness   and  desire  for peace . African leaders  must understand that  a lot  of emotional damage , wrong indoctrination ,Negative ideologies , corruption  have  affected  the psych  of  average  citizen and  for  any effective  change  to occur ,it will require education and  re-education  Elder Tony (humanityjournals)


 Common sense is the manifestation of ability to deploy and co-ordinate  the functions of the human mind for a particular objective(s). The commonness of it, denotes that every body possesses these human tools for proper delivery of human activities These  senses that are said to be common includes the  ability to exercise good judgment ,prudence, understanding, justice ,clarity of purpose  etc. Another important description of common sense is that humans are not necessarily  required to be tutored  or skilled in some particular manner to be able to use these common human ability (sense).

 It is  a kind of human  action you expect  from every one  and exists  in all parts of the world wherever  you can find human kind. You can say that  we are humans because we exercise the use of  common sense.

 There are people who can not or  are  incapacitated, that lacks the ability to  utilize  common sense, for example , some one with psychiatry challenges  may not  be able  to co-ordinate human thoughts.

 There are also groups of people who for reasons  of indoctrination or dictation are held  to denials  of  their primary rights to exercise  functions of common sense. The measure of common sense we deploy  equals  the  degree of our  humanness  if we agree that common sense  is that  one important  instrument  that distinguishes  human beings from the rest  of  explored  creations,.

Therefore  lack of  common sense leaves us  , more animal than human.

 When people  can choose to  buy gun than buy    food, when humans decide  to  kill one another   for  mere reasons of     indoctrination, dictation, pleasure, or ego  the way    and manner animals     cannot  do , it  shows  absolute  lack of  the  so called  common sense.  Wars in parts     of the world  are enough    pointers  to the  lack of  common  sense, South Sudan fought and  agitated  to  become  independent. Couple of years  after independence,  they are  on each other,  killing  themselves exactly the   way animals  will never do.

Bokoharam in Nigeria thinks getting knowledge  is  bad  ,education is offense  and went  wild  killing and  maiming, For lack of  common sense  some  African leaders  can  spend  70% of  their life time  ruling intimidating, exploiting and ruining his  or her people  with regular  caricature  elections  to legitimize  the sit tight.

The  macro-politics  of the  world  is  resting on the  proper  deployment  of the individual common  sense of world  leaders ,this is  how serious  the  issue of  common  sense  is  to mankind.

Common  sense  and its  lack can  be very critical  in human affairs ,Mr Joe ( not real name) was diabetic , for lack of  health awareness   he did not know  that he is diabetic , Mr Joe had an exchange  of  verbal war with his  neighbor  over a parcel  of land  within locality , after working  on the   said   land  barefooted , his legs  were  swollen ,Mr Joe chose   to conclude that  he had  been bewitched  by his  enemy , all efforts    to  take him to the  hospital  failed ,the  local  medicine man told  him  not to  and he agreed  resultantly  he lost  two legs  at  the  hospital  that  he would not  go at the early stage, where he  would  have received   proper  medical assistance on time,This  is  clearly an evidence  of lack of common sense.

 Every   moment  a  lack  of  common sense is  displayed  some one  has been  cheated  or  exploited .By casually  looking  around you , you will  notice absence  of  common sense, whether  racial issue, criminality, terrorism ,slavery  is  being critically viewed. The commonness  of  manifestations  that points to lack and acute  scarcity  of  the so  called  common  sense  lead to the conclusion that  common  sense is  now very     uncommon. By  Elder Tony (Human Digest) humanityjournals



The times are hard. I  am aware that history is about retrospect but life is about circles . The circles brings harmony and disharmony in turn and rhythm .A time of chaotic thinking ,when humans prefer to feed on others (cannibalism) not out of hunger but that of interest.

Cannibalism which is still existing in certain  minds of the world is purely a manifestation of control and intimidation .Its  normal for the weak to fall victim. Also these traits  culminate to exercise of ownership, because  you own a prey before  overruling its affair  and these and more gave a suiting  platform for slavery .

Slavery which exists till date  brings  its discriminative acts  and infringements . When  humanity was  recuperating from deaths from unknown sicknesses  sometimes blamed on the witch or wizard ,.Today many  of those sicknesses are  now known and named through laboratory conclusions ,no need to hunt witches, even though  thousands  have died  under the law of witch hunting which was  very  popular in Europe  centuries ago.

As the quests  to  stop  slavery  were  at the top gear, very  many died  resisting  compulsion  to slavery work and tasks, today there is hardly a record of those  heroes  and forced  labour still thrive .

Today, hundreds of years gone people still place direct and indirect ownership of persons and people .A situation of  total  devalue or no value perception of self , . There is little or  no value placed on human lives  and that is why  suicide killers are roaming the streets of Iraq, Northern Nigeria,Yemen,Turkey,Syria, Aghganistan etc. Its hard to figure out why our minds refuse to  sense the aroma of freedom far and near.A chaos in pattern of thinking.

We may begin to walk with extra alertness even in developed societies for the unprovoked willing killer .The chaos of human minds hangs all times and ages on religion and social contexts.The hard of these perils are that they are borne out of ignorance

.Hopefully when the suicide bombers have no more to kill, and the day broken to light, fairness, justice,love, peace, tolerance ,they  and only they that kill will  live  ever  to regret act of terror . How hard to change a mind set, how difficult to convince the South Sudanes that they need not kill one another and bring hunger starvation on themselves, How hard to plead for understanding of numerous dictators especially  in Africa that time  makes history but history makes our future

The perilous times  are  here  but  an  assurance is that  humanity will  always  prevail  as  in  many  previous  instances  .BY  Elder Tony.(humanityjournals)



From the beginning, cultural sanity is the measure of the stage of social evolution of an age .


Africa inherited one of the oldest cultures known to man , it speaks of originality and  the entire story of human existence on Earth. Generations  of Africans benefited from  some good intentions of these cultural values .

Essence  of culture is after all  to enable man on his path to maturity.So far , the mind of man must  put the capacity of reason to practice , this simply means that  certain elements or interpretation  or even application of our culture must be submitted to reason, fairness and justice.

Law, which is the bye product of culture must be in  harmony with it.

The  level of social ignorance  and unfairness involved in  some cultures ,especially in some  Africa  countries should be  regarded as high and  unthinkable ,[ Social segregation that is on going in some parts of Nigeria, Ghana,Sierr-aleone,Tanzania and other African countries  is socially intolerable, even  the money voodoo rituals. In twenty first century, human mind is made to belief that by killing  Albinos he or she will be made rich ,may be by conjuring with their human parts ,imagine the cruelty ,selfishness and unlawfulness  contained in these ignorant  assumptions.

In Tanzania Albinos are being murdered because  stone aged minds of people believed they are  source of being wealthy.

In Nigerian people are being murdered  for the ritual of being wealthy or for whatever .

The same people ,the same colour , and the same geographical location, some,  regard others as OSU or  outcast., with whom there should be no inter-marriage or other social contacts in Eastern part of Nigeria,

There  are plenty of those who claim all kinds of negative powers.Some  of which includes that they can conjure  money ,

The riches and wealths of  previous civilizations were  not created  through occult  means , the Egyptians  created science to master their problems  others called it magic , the Isrealites  demonstrated the will of the creator others called it magic..

Whatever is your doctrine, as far as religion and believe system is concern , you will gain patronage in Nigeria. Every Church is filled to capacity with  many more waiting  out side ,why ?  many are living in poverty and the only way, second to  winning lotto, is to go to the Churches and receive magic wealth , while waiting for turn , you should be paying tithe.

The  concern is that all these recreates corruption ,wrong values ,with less emphasis  on hard work and intellectuality which is the foundation for real growth and development .

We  work for progress not hope for it. African leaders should focus more on education that  will also take care of excesses  of human mind .The cultural perception of people has a way of responding to economic policies  as well as social programs of governments.. Wrong claims of magic cure of illnesses by Pastors ,Herbalist and Alfas have caused  deaths and misery to  many.

Of great  relevance  is the realities of lives ,and  in being  real to realities lies  self discovery  and mastery.

Common senses are no longer common , if they are  common,  we should have known  where faith  stops and where work begins ,we should  know  where magic  will begins and where  realities will  set in. The Europeans are not returning to remind Tanzanian  ritualist  that he is being fooled, same way  should segregationists in Nigeria  realize that the OSU is just your neighbor and fellow human .BY TONY


As  humans, the task of meeting one´s need is a life long challenge ,Some arrived  the world  to meet plenty of resources  enough or more than enough to meet their needs  or  even their wants.  

We know that majority  in our present world  have challenges  satisfying whatever  circumstances demands  from them daily. From the point of view  of natural  human pattern of existence and survival ,humans and their responsibilities pull or are  attracted to one another for the  manifestation of the third point [solution].

 A  fundamental element of existence is will,The word will  is same as your actions, desires , choices, disposition  towards others, discretions etc.Thus, the human will power is the force behind  the formation of human character  and  social  coloration of the physical world.

So stated , we now  view   will power as one critical tool  given to normal functional minds   to solve the ever present challenge {Problems} on the Earth.

 Agree  with me  that  there is  no part of the world  where problems does not exist , same can be said of humans all over the world .Every human a problem. No human  without a moment of sadness.

The dignity  of  humankind  begins with the ability  to manage their actions resulting from will power, Mismanagement of will or our  actions had some times  resulted  to  incarceration , damages to persons, nature and properties. Will power is the De Angel that pushes us towards  success  as well  as  De demon that brings with it blames ,regret, and suffering when activated or deployed negatively .

 Choice is  first child  of WILL and a high percentage of our circumstances  are predetermined by our choices.

 Ability to manage  our  actions  requires  deep knowledge of  good values .To  strategically  deploy your  will ,you  need  be clear about  the  certainty  of reward  for any action ,Be certain that  a compensating  reaction  must  level your action no matter when  or where.

From legal point of  view, you  will  notice  that a high percentage of those under certain form of punishment for their ill willed  actions do react from  state of regret.

 In my research,  its  discovered  that many of  those who committed crimes  for reasons  not unconnected  with meeting of life ever present needs and want quickly  realizes that  they would have done it  this way or that way. 

I asked   some one under lock for trading on banned substances, what had changed  since  his incarceration ,he replied by  telling me  how much  he disappointed those  who  hitherto held  him in high esteem .

He told me  he did  what  he must do to be  able to  pay  for his wife´s  hospital bills  and  care for  his  sick  child.

A very pathetic  story indeed, however  i  asked  him again , now  that you  are here,  how  can  you  now  see that  your wife  and child are  cared  for,  being under lock?. He  bent down  a moment and  replied ; God will care for them´ I wanted  to know  if it  would have been better taking this decision  of leaving it for  God  earlier and  still be able to witness as a free man  how what you  cannot do is done,  some how.

I went further  to  inquire  what he will do  when  he finally leaves the hook , he shook his head  in determination saying  i have learn´t  my lessons, never again, never again he exclaimed´ .

 You may  be exposed to certain opportunity in life within certain segment of  life , a conscious  deeper  thought will always be helpful in investing your will ,such that results will  not cause harm or much  regrets.

This  same  WILL  can  also be a  counselor  in  placement of values , to  guide  our  sense of values, to  warn us  early  enough before  we get entangled  with unpalatable   reward of our action.

It  should be   clear that  certain  actions  geared towards creation  of wealth  or state of ability to  stand the challenge of life  goes in concomitant  with natural  and legal consequences. Think before you do is always  better    than do before you think.

Please  note  that life  without opportunity  of learning  from  sadness  which no one prays for  and  moments  of joy which all pray for  will  be  compared  to  a wool which went into water  without being soaked .

The  life itself  is just to allow  the  rose  of our hearts to unfold and blossom, But  it can  only  do that unfolding  when  frequencies  or  vibration of discord or harmony strikes  it. Therefore  our sad moments  though painful always   improves  our core personality ,it  is pertinent  to  screen our choices when under pressure to meet our common needs ,whether  or not  it will  bring progress positively . When it seems that  hope is lost ,let us  charge our will power to land us on the  safe  ground  where  we  can be  more  free to  see tomorrow  after defeating  today..

The  dignity of  labour  is  earned dignity of man who is worthy  of reward  after  an expended  energy .It is  a knowledge that tomorrow must be better  because  life  will always  cause  itself  to unwind .But our  struggles  and efforts makes  indelible  marks in the the properties of rewards which  will surely come.

Our visions can  only  be achieved  when the  mind  is in firm control  of body functions and  not otherwise ,Choose , will you be a master before you become  a servant or  do  you prefer  being a servant before becoming a  master. May your  sense of value  assist you  in choosing. By Tony  { Humanityjournals}


In the farm yard of life exists  forest on the land and land on the sea beneath. The expanse of land and  her beauty of colors  is beyond  the reach of an eye.

The lands blossoms in her virginity but the farmer must till the land to cultivate.

The farmer hopes on the return from the yield.The farmer on the land (life) needs the  following;

 (1) Patience (2)Courage and energy (3)Good sense of judgment (4)Land to cultivate on (5) seed. & good implements.


The farmer  needs good sense of judgment  in making choice of land  most appropriate with productivity and profit making in mind 

He must also be courageous and energetic ,so as withstand the challenges of weather and resistances from trees and vegetation,

The sharp and precise instruments helps the farmer to navigate through the above mentioned challenges more easily .It also  helps him to save time and affords him more chance of  mastery in his arts and work.

Patience assists the farmer for a  long or short wait for the maturity of  the yield. It serves the master farmer when appropriating judgment in cases of trespassers causing  riot and damages to the farmer or through other natural causes

 Good seed is so crucial and critical to the success of the farmer. Projection of a bounty  harvest must begin from the calculation of seed(s)  sowed  .  ´As you sow so shall you reap´, accordingly  to the nature of seed and the fertility of the soil.

 The farmer´s choice  of seed and soil   influences the output  of harvest positively or negatively 


As the farmer guesses out of the window to behold the far stretch of his farm, he affirms  in self assurance ,he knew the grade of the seed he sowed and fertility of the soil.

But the farmer´s apprehension is not unconnected with heavy sky, its likely to rain, so the fear of the farmer is the possible damage through flood or strong wind.

 The farmer knows that his open farm is vulnerable to the attacks from  bush rats and other animals even weather. 

As he awaits  bounteous harvest, the farmer must use good and accepted methods to protect his farm from pests and other risks as earlier mentioned.

The farmer´s patience was both as needed and as challenged when he saw all his labor being damaged by unfriendly agents.

Some cows ran amok and entered the farmer´s field, causing damage  to the farmyard,

The farmer, irked by the incidence is left with numerous options ,(a) Kill the cows (b)Chase them around which may cause more damage (c)Introduce fencing (d)Stop planting.

 As the farmer contemplates on the choice of action, he realizes he needed good sense of judgment  and that is what he finally used in handling the unforeseen  circumstances of  the farmyard of life. By Tony Humanityjournals.



Hon Otubambo. T Olanrewaju, (Odu´a Progressive Union)

Gen. Sec, Nigeria National Association,The Netherlands.


Representatives from stichting Nigerian women fund The Netherlands

Akogun Banji Ojo. 

Leader Odu´a Progressive Union,


Religion  is an effort of man or human kind to make more meaning of themselves and their surrounding .Initially it was an issue of excitement on the minds of our early fathers who saw the moon and the sun ,rain  ,winds as a phenomenon, their helplessness , and reliance on these celestial occurrences humbled them into  acceptance reverent.

 You will not be surprised as  they  soon began to devote to the worship of these nature beings. Evidence abounds that  explained  the efforts of our fore fathers in trying to understand and explore these celestial occurrences  and nature beings.

 These  gave birth to astrology ,astronomy and medicine in the early Egyptian civilization .

  Religion as anchored on faith and belief  is part of human history

Since religion  is built around  faith and belief, it is an emotional issue, because you must believe and may not be able to ask absolute questions regarding what you believed in, for example,  you can not question the existence of God  while at same time as a Christian;

Sociologically speaking, i  opined  that religion has served as one most segregating  experience  human kind  ever experienced .

Concept of  sacredness  is critical in the practice of religion but there is no  one sacred thing ever to all. 

Religion as we know vary  all  around the world, each one with one peculiarity  and view of sacredness.

  More than tongue , tribe and race religion  had  always been  a segmenting factor ,and an encumbrance  to the wheel of  human integration.

 Recently, science has been offering answers to the unanswered  questions  posed by nature and religion. 

From the  earliest crusaders and today´s boko haram , jihadist and various terrorist groups in the name of religion are competing among  themselves in cruelty and inhumanity , numbers show that those  who have died  from religious wars and terrorist  activities  out numbered  those of world wars put together .

We  should  appreciate  what the Greek philosophers and Egyptians did  in explaining  and deploring  religion  as a science and  knowledge to firstly change oneself and secondly your immediate surrounding  which will consequentially constitute  salvation and offer of eternal life.

Today,  religious  practitioners are more selfish    as  what matters to them is the belief that  they are going to heaven ,it does not matter to them  if every one else and everything around them  are annihilated  in the process of onward travel to heaven, the belief of going to heaven is prime and fixed in their minds and that is  the beginning  life of illusion .

In  any  case ,we may still see religion as a social reforming  agent  and preacher of love. 

The problem is that  all over the world, the practice of religion is hinged on faith which as explained in the Christian faith Hebrews 11;1  and  that  makes it  an emotional issue with concomitant lack of critical analysis  and measure .


In  Africa for instance ,and  Sub-Saharan Africa in particular there is no scarcity of religionists and their extremists , motivated by the hope of going to heaven ,  most of these ignoramuses are caged in the limitations  of the sources of their knowledge. Take Nigeria for instance, 99% of  Nigerians  are religious and  so with other West African countries .If you see  religion as an element of social and spiritual  orderliness .How then is a country which is 99% religious  belonging to respective A or Z religion is  at same time one of the most corrupt nation in the world.?what an irony.

Therefore we shall  differentiate between  religion and humanity or religion as against fairness, love, lack of corruption, and all good values.  Those  armed robbers are Christians or Muslims  in Nigerian context ,  seen as  a practice of convenience and emotion therefore, it makes its adherents most vulnerable to extremist or radical ideas .In more grievous circumstances  some of these dubious preachers  and  religious exploiters maximize the  negative advantage of poverty ,illiteracy ,superstition etc. Churches have taken over the function of hospitals which can cure all kinds of  sickness , offer  solution to all manner of unanswered  questions ,some of them resulting into exploitation of ignorant minds with its social and political consequences

 Religion  haven helped to streamline attitudes  and cultures with positive outcome  world wide, no doubt, in time  past, it has now degenerated  into a retrogressive   experiment to humanity.

Aum Shinriyko a Japanes religious terrorist  released poisonous gas in Tokyo´s underground  killing 12 in 1995,In Russia , America, all over Asia ,Africa and elsewhere  in the world, people are  being killed just on the basis of religion.

 Greek philosophers,

 Early Egyptians and Jewish tradition  succeeded in reconciling natural/  celestial occurrences and spirituality with resultant knowledge and human understanding for values that bind human kind together for the good of all where knowledge replaces belief. Knowledge as we know is more effective social cum spiritual tool. .Any society  without knowledge is a crippled  one, as faith without work or action of knowledge is dead.The religion the world needs is love

 It  still provides the basics for the solution of the today´s social chaos where corruption ,cruelty, terrorism is in the rise just for the sake of ignorance. By Elder Tony(Humanityjournals)                                                        


At the first holy communion of Princess Annastesia A Ugada.


 Sister(Mrs)Benice Okome and her beautiful and lovely family.Mrs Tumini Hannah Okeke (left) Dr(Mrs) Comfort Okome Okandeji and the graduand Mrs Charity Ogunsanya( a consultant micro-biologist) ,

Remi Ojutalayo,Justina &Emma Ezeani 


Mama Joy  here enjoying on her birthday

Contentment is the mother of Peace You do not have to get all you need to be  contented, You can get and still not be satisfied.Mama Joy is mama Peace

Where Princess Annastesia A. Ugada received her first Holy Communion .

Ogbuefi Paul Ugada ( Alias Chuk Norris) {extreme right) and his Lovely wife Obidiya (Mrs) Amaoge Geraldine Ugada (with pink head gear) were  full of praises to God  for the success and attainment  of their daughter Princess Annastesia A. Ugada,


Rev. Fr. Dr Regis  Chima Anyaeze, C.S.S.P Officiating.


Miss Ogunsanya&&Her Big Aunty,Dr Okome Okandeji

Congratulations, Chigozie and Ifeyinwa



The masquerade displays to satisfy the audience ,It responds to the empowering sounds of the gong.

The flute man added flavour .

Gingering the masquerade with strength, tasks and praises

The masquerade displays , displays and displays, reaching high in emotion ,

Soon the masquerade became more reckless and daring,

But when the masquerade jumped into  a deep pit , The gong man and  the flute man seized their actions  and silence  prevails  as the masquerade has gone where it came from


Elder O. Tony(humanityjournals)

Dr Okome Okandeji(Inside diary)





Destiny is a predetermined course  of events,one´s fate.Two vital components of destiny demands our attention.The first is WILL and the second one is THOUGHT.

All what we carry out as actions are indeed the dictates of our thoughts, the will here is the vehicle through which thought activities are dispensed .

The thought needs a compensating amounts of will to seek manifestation or to come into physical manifestation.

Thus, when there is no thought ,there is always no will.

A quote of life says:Beware of your thought before it matures  into will or deed and beware of your deeds or will before it turns into action and beware of your actions  before it becomes  your destiny:


We shall examine the relationship between destiny and our actions.

If we understand that destiny as a human affair also responds to the divine law of incrementation ,this simply means that it has the capacity to increase as long as the thoughts generate ingredients of growth .

Thoughts  lives forever.

This statement tries to solve the question that says ;why are new born babies affected by destiny?,as there exists very minimal activities of thought in them.

Our diverse religious inclinations  is surely the cloud that may shield the real answer to the above  asked question.

However, I know that your thoughts causes an action, and our actions generate circumstances and circumstances are no less our destiny,

As we continue to add up to  our akassic records,  destiny is being built up and manifests when they are naturally due if other deliberate actions did not nullify  them.And destiny also has the capacity to transcend existences and generations.Indeed we made our destiny.

BY Tony



Princess Annastesia as she took her first holy communion on the 8th may 2016 at St Bavo Catholic Church Rotterdam



Miss Ifeyinwa Onyeka after she received  her first holy communion .Miss  Nweke &Friend


Mandy Briggs




 I hope the heart  that´s hungry

For things above the floor,

Will find within its portals

An item rich in store;

That melancholy mortals,

Will count their mercies o´er,

And learn that truth and wisdom

Have many items more;

That when a wrong is done us,

It stirs no thought of strife;

And love becomes the substance,

As items at our door.

Then if we ´ve done to others

Some good never told before,

When angels shall repeat it,

It will be an item more

(By Mary Baker Eddy 1883-1896)

Dr Okome Okandeji(Inside diary)

 Caste System & Human Civilization

Stratification, segregation and isolation were political tools used by dictators, oppressors and  imposers  to enable  them ensure total obedience to them and their wishes.Divide and rule is not a new a parlance in politics.

There are many forms of  stratification or caste system as we witness in India, Mauritania ,Niger, Ghana, Nigeria and many others mostly of African extraction .

We have social segregation, economic, political and  religious stratification .

Note that all forms of segregationists activities are chief cause of tribal  unrests and wars especially in parts of Africa.

There is need here to cite the damaging socio-economic consequences which goes in concomitant with  caste system.

Above all, i will mention here that these activities are merely inhumanity against humanity.

Historically, Out-caste or caste system were  basically introduced to the African by imposers  under whom they inherited new ideas and  experience of new world .

It was basically fashioned to enable them foster adequate  administrative  control and obedience .

Before the interaction with outside world, Africa was predominantly Animists or simply those with knowledge that every existence has potential powerful energy or spirit animating it.

The Animism as a science has enabled Africa to solve health problem, security, environmental challenges and , innovations  even with the knowledge of the future.

When the explorers  came, they met a set of well equipped individuals spiritually , No doubt that those shrines and oracles  and priests may have vivified and astonished the explorers who incidentally  were the same as  slave merchants  and missionaries.

These individuals were beguiled to let go of science, mastery of environment,  herbal knowledge, form of religious practice  for a new idea.

From harvesting those who were  banished from their land for committing  abominable acts ,the explorers whose ship is standing ready to take with it whatever that  can be converted into wealth  encouraged  locals to come with business .

 Soon they became aware that their  brothers and sister ,children mother or father can be  converted to money or wealth.

Gunpowder, sword, and all sorts of intimidation  weapons were given to Kings  who were already bought over or recruited to  scout for products (human beings). So many shrines were destroyed and images taken away by colonists who are also slave merchants and missionaries .

There were complacency from Christianity then, slave  merchants are made Knights  and Lords. Thus, those who were busy supplying gunpowder and bullets to Kings and locals for more slaves are Church Knights or even priests .

I say that time has evolved ,there is nothing that will make men of 21st century view others from the eye lens of 12th century.Pagan ,or whatever the choice of people, humans  should be judged by actions and  deed in human inter-relationship.

 I do not need to over emphasis  the social trauma  these individuals experience, they   will be discriminated  even in the church and that will  explain to you the complacency of the church.Active program  targeted towards these individuals by governments and non governmental agencies should  help in solving the helplessness of state and local authorities in dealing with this social monster.

  Humans are blessed with minds and will power  but not until they are  put to use , it may not serve us. Any culture  that tends to  challenge humanity with inhumanity should be  expunged .


Because the explorers  were afraid of the juju and shrines, it becomes tactical and strategic  to destroy them than  investigating  and knowing what they are for and how they function.

There were no statistics of how many  African temples that were destroyed and looted, some of which are  yet to be located.

Africans were beguiled to believe that they do not need leaves for health because there is alternative which is being offered by the explorers  and they do not need  spiritual knowledge because there  is alternative which is Christianity.They were made to reject the kind of cloth they wear.   Those  who wore  animal skin were encouraged to have them exchanged for a shirt.They  view themselves as inferiors, and needed to part with the evolutional progress they had made   

Those  who manifest effrontery were castigated and marked  for out casting .There were no attention given, to understand these people to enable them   evolve and develop those sciences and discoveries they have made

There were  incidences of crisis between those who accepted  the new idea cum religion and those who thinks that they should  continue worshiping their nature spirits.

Those  who refuse  will be regarded  as out castes .

For the sake of record, there were people who are priests and devoted to  Nature spirit  and  oracles 

These are  the people the missionaries feared for their mystical powers , the strategy used was to incite the  majority against them  and since then, they are regarded as OSU in the context of South Eastern Nigeria where it is still flourishing .Hot spots include Nssuka area  and many other communities in Enugu state and some parts of Imo state in Nigeria .

Members of the same community  that can not inter-marry or have any thing to do with these individuals who they say are OSU (out-caste) , so the primitive nature and ignorance that is at play here  defied religion and civilisation.

It will be clear that most of these people ,though Christians and educated but are merely spiritually bankrupt  and ignorant.

In twenty first century, they needed to know that all men are created equal ,or be reminded the huge social and economic loss therein . A show of wasted generation who is still waiting the explorers to come back and  tell them to embrace one another  for the furtherance of God´s plan on earth 

.A whole of 99% of Africans were Nature worshipers before slave merchants who also pose as missionaries came .Christianity was a positive side of the coin but using the same platform to divide and segregate people  based on  Catholic versus Anglican  and against traditionalists, to that extents of out-caste system is an irreparable damage done to African social configuration.

Research showed that some Kings  were used to initiate out-caste system in order to trigger  bulk  sales(a situation of selling off entire clan) to merchants with claim that they are evil.

The situation in Ghana then was  so humiliating, those who the merchants rejected for one reason or the other is resold locally or kept  and maintained as a product and not as person.

 And so is still  a place in Northern  Ghana  where people are banished to,  under the primitive  accusation of witchcraft even under the nose of the government.

To the Africans,  self rejection, inferiority complex which is evidenced in way  black Africans desire to be yellow colour, with some load of another´s hair.

Our antiquities  and past history are being thrown away  exactly as told by the pulpist, because our sense of values are yet to appreciate what we have, Africans Idols and shrine images are found in the hands of those who could understand their divine significance and economic value.

Wake up ,they that  are in slumber and see beyond the nose and think beyond  today.

  By  Elder Tony (Human Digest)

Umu -Chukwu(Amos,Anthony &Martha)

Tochukwu  Nzekwesi  at his Birthday Party held  in his honour by friends  and well wishers


Enough to eat and drink at the birthday  party of Tochukwu Nzekwesi

Tochukwu Nzekwesi  being honoured by friends and church members on his birthday party

Azubuike  Anyika

  Ojadike  and Tochukwu



At the kitchen side


Sideline with Sec Gen ICANN  Allen &Azubuike

Raymond and Achunike



The mind of human person has evolved tremendously thousands of years from its manifestation point, exhibiting great courage, enthusiasm, and faith to probe his immediate  surroundings and beyond

Africa which is the cradle of civilization contributed in no small amount to human social order.

The African early-men   recognized the universality of the divine creative energy.They saw the  marvel of natural forces in operation which to them is inexplicable .The coordinated operations of the thunder, the sun, the moon, the earth cycles ,the mightiness of air, the seas ,the trees ,and the rhythm  in the entire existence (cosmos) left the early Africans to conclude that ,there must have been some organized intelligence
behind all of these.This was how the spiritual Order of Animism came into existence

There is no written records of the relationship between these knowledge and and modern man except in African Arts and polity(traditional democratic institutions)

Animism is the awareness that every creature within and beyond what the mind of man can imagine is part of the supreme Spirit.

Greek´s  socio-cultural evolutionary stage  were able to manage the effects of  new knowledge during the period of  aligning their traditional pagan believes to the new  idea of dualism of matter. A.H Armstrong&R. A Markus wrote in their Material universe; Christians found themselves confronted with a variety of attitudes among educated pagans contemporaries, the material universe.Of these, the most important were the unqualified religious veneration of the material universe as divine which we associate particularly with stoicism, the platonic outlook which became dominant in the  third century A.D and  was  already influential before, and the radical pessimism  of the Gnostics.There was also, at least  in the first  two centuries of our era, a vigorous minority  who professed  with imperturbable dogmatism  the naive materialism of Epicurus and continued the protest of their master against the veneration of the universe as divine, and the all its implications; but it will not be necessary to discuss the Epicureans  here, as they were regarded  as beyond  the pale by all other religious persons(Epicureans were in their own way very genuinely religious) and did  not influence the development  of Christians thought, though  we shall notice one striking coincidence between Epicurean and Christian ways of thinking about the material universe.

The three ways of looking at the universe must, however , be considered carefully, because  they (with of course innumerable personal variations and intermediate stages) go to make up the climate of opinion in which the early Christian thinkers worked  out their own views of how the teaching of the new testament about man´s relationship  to his material environment was to be understood

We begin with what we may call for convenience the ´cosmic religion;. By this term is meant either a religious attitude of mind which regards the cosmos the material universe in its order and beauty,or at least its highest (in all senses ) part, the heavenly bodies and the ether or fire of which they are made, as divine, and the supreme divinity



Animism as a spiritual science,  predates every form of socio-cultural order in  Africa, from Egypt to West Africa there have been consistent discoveries affirming Africa as where it all began.


1)That animate and inanimate beings have spirit(Creative Energy)

2)That life is Sacrosanct

3)That  humans as well as seas ,moon, sun  trees etc are dual in nature(spirit and body)

4)That life  is eternal and as such their fore-fathers lives on . 

In Yoruba ,Southwest of Nigeria, the worship of Orisas strikes similarity to  aspects of higher gnostic teachings of the Greek.

The four elements of  Water, Fire, Earth,Air of the Alchemists  and the their arch angels of the Greek and Jews  are similar to Orisa ile Yoruba, Sango, Ogun,Eshun,Osun and many others in th vertical mythological order.Ogun being the god of iron  is domiciled to earth worship,Sango is the fiery god associated with fire, Osun is a feminine god representing water.

Cultural outlook of Ashantis, Mende (Sierraleone) Yorubas and Ibos and Dahomey  reveals strong foot print of Animism  which underlies all aspects of their cultural believes and values.

Explorations beyond our immediate  sphere and improvement in our material science  and science of metaphysics  brought the world to agree with the Animists that every creature shares  life with its source.

That every creature or existence is mere vibrational frequency of the Universal creative force which in itself is  intangible and eternal is widely accepted by thinking minds all over the world.

Thus, trees ,seas ,sun, moon, worshiped by these Animist Africans really posses  certain divinity in them.Though you may ague that since  there is a source, why not link with it than its tributaries , Of importance is the fact that those who introduced new ideas coupled it with promise of instant bliss  and so the seemingly uneducated minds threw away all they inherited for the new knowledge

The  photos , altar decoration as we have them today , candles and images are not better than the stones and fires used by the Animist in the beginning of time .


As we know, human sacrifice was ignorantly seen in the early history of humanity  as the supreme sacrifice  spread  over America Europe and Africa,whether you remember the story  of Abraham sacrificing Isaac or the various forms of sacrifice in our human dark era. It was because they placed  supreme value on life.

Though from the intervention that took place at the point of sacrifice, marked  significant change and a major shift on atonement  manual of the Animist.Animals are being sacrificed  instead of humans in atonement .Ibos apart and  beyond religion places extra significance to Ogirishi and offor tress .The Mendes  knew that the earth and nature generally have spiritual impulse and can be harnessed by the medicine man for application.

 Animism which underlies many culture of today  including Africa its birthplace , lack of written manuals, research ,and fetish nature of practice discouraged documentation  which would have prepared it emotionally  before accepting other religious ideas which is crucial  tools to evolve and develop as people .Africa´s mystery enshrouded in Animism is waiting for researchers to unearth the hight of African known  oldest science.

 By Elder Tony





Culture is  an  important  foundation  of   any  society  as  well    as    the  foot  print  of   humanity

It  is  an  evidence  of  human   existence on the earth planet.

What  we  know  as  Culture   is   inherited  attempts   by   our  ancestors  to  surmount  the  challenges   that    besieged   them  in  their  life  paths  in  areas  such as   Values,  Belief, Custom,Rites, Environment, Death, Birth, inheritance etc.

It   is  the  records   of  their  intellectual   achievements  perpetuated from  ages.

The   efforts  of  our  ancestors   to  master  their  environment resulted  into  discoveries  and  inventions  in the  area  of  science,technology, medicine, commerce  and   arts .The   mastery  they  gained  in  the  use  of  Stone technology  assisted   greatly   in  the inventions  of  further  more  tools which  further  increased   their  output  . Therefore    actions  geared towards  solving   their  numerous  challenges   formed main  frame  of their  culture .


The   major components of  Culture  include;

(1) Language

(2 Signs and  Symbols

(3) Values

(4) Norms  and  Environmental  Responses


Language  is  a  crucial  method  of  communication   through  word  expression . This method  enabled   them  to  express their   subjective  desires  and    feelings.

Language  can also  be  expressed    through  symbols  which is    the   earliest   form  of  communication.

You  will   notice  that  before   a  new    born  could  talk  ,  the  baby   must  have   been   demonstrating   his  or  her  desires and   feeling  . People   who  could  not  talk (dumb)  from   birth  grow  up  with  demonstrating  all their  feelings  and  desires even   when  there is  no  knowledge   of  sign  language.

As  humans   widen  their  scope  of   discoveries ,  such as  contacts  with  new   areas  , mountains , caves   as  well as   communities  ,the   challenge  of  communicating   with  their  new  contacts   arose. In  most  cases,    combination  of  sounds  and  symbols  were  deployed,  culminating   to  yet   another   tongue(language).  This  was how  multiplicity  of  language  all   began

Most  times     a  common   language  is   spoken  in  an   area  .The  reason  is  no   other  than  evidence   of  human  interactions  covering   certain  area.

Language  as  a  dynamic  component  of  Culture   renews  itself  as  it  expands  through   human   contacts  and  legislation.  After all,   language  is  technically  speaking  a  combination   of sound  vibrations  .


Signs  and   symbols   as  earlier   stated  is  the  earliest   form  of  communication  ever  known  to  man.

Aside  the  coded  sign  language   as  we  know  it  today, human  beings  had  always  lived  their  lives   communicating  through  signs  and  symbols.

In  Yoruba  land  in  the  Southwest  of  Nigeria West  Africa    Kings  as  well  as     ordinary   citizens  have   always  communicated    through  signs  and  symbols  ,this  system   is  coined  (Aroko)  in  yoruba  parlance  . A  king  that   would  want  to  go  to  war   with  another  King  will   send   a  combination  of appropriate   materials  to  convey  a clear  message , it  may  be  leaves,  farm implement , piece    of  cloth etc  which  the  other  will   just  understand .

Signs  and  symbols  characterize    collective  values  and  concept  of  people

Semiotics  opined  that  meanings  behind  objects  of  symbols are  not  always   inherent  in them but  are  constructed   around  them by perceptions  of  the   immediate  locals.

Thus   signs  and  symbols   speak  to   different   people  in  different   language.For   instance ,shaking  of  head  may  mean  agreement to   some people  but may   send entirely  different  message   to  another.


Values  are  the  subjective   standards   of  our   behavioral patterns. These   values culminate  from  our   cultural   geography   and  orientation.It  is  influenced   first  by  the  emotionafacebook loginl  knowledge   ,appreciation   of   our  environment   and  human dignity. It  forms  the  basic  foundation  from  which  we  respond to   every  day  demands  as  we   interact   with  families, neighbors ,  and  community

Value   differ  from people   to  people.In   Yoruba    culture  in  southwest   of  Nigeria , West  Africa    ,  a  younger  person  is  not  expected   to  look  eye  to  eye   to   an  elder,   while  in    a  place  like  Europe  you  are   expected  to   look   eye  to  eye    otherwise    it  leaves  an  impression  of  deception .


Norms  are  the   vehicle  of  execution   of  our   over- all  cultural  contents .For  instance  depending   on  where  we  are  ,  we  are  expected  to  behave   in  certain  ways   or  in  line  with  some  norms.

When  we  see  our  elders ,  we  are   expected  to  greet  them   reverently. On  how   environment   affect  our  conducts  regarding   norms. We   know  that   when  you   talk to  some  one  with  respect , you  are  not  expected  to  talk  while  hands   are  deep  inside  your  pockets  in  some  environment. But   in  Europe,   especially  during  the  cold   season  the  circumstance   is not expected  to be  the same   for  fear  of   cold weather .

People  who  live  in  desert   area,  always  cloth  themselves   covering  heads , mouth, nose   and  over  all   parts  of the  body  because  of    the  adverse   weather  effects. Over time  this  type   of  clothing   became   a norm  which   is  now   being   exported   and  assumed as  a norm.

Go gaze on the eagle, his eye on the sun,

Fast gathering strength for a flight  well begun,

As rising he rests in a liberty higher

Than genius inflated with worldly desire.

No tear dims his eye, nor his pinions loose power

To gaze the lark in her emerald bower whenever

he soars   to fashion his net,

No vision more bright than the dream in his breast.

Tony ( Human-Digest 2015)

Pot  of  Life


Cross  section  of  ICANN  General  assembly  before installation Dec  2015

Delshaven      Rotterdam

The  newly  installed  Executive  Led by Chief  Lambert  Ugwu

Igbo  Cultural  Association  of  Nigeria  The  Netherlands 

Chief  Nnamdi  Izundu and Chief  K.I   Onyenze

Chief Nnamdi   Izundu  and  Chairman   ICANN  , Chief  Lambert  Ugwu




                                    Hon  Felix  Okoye (former Fin Sec ICANN)                          


Distinguished   Celesstine  Ezeanodiri (Awkaetiti)


      Family  is   the  micro unit of  humanity, it  shall  consist of  two  persons, primarily .

It  serves  naturally  as the first  institution that initiates mankind  into right  use  of  five  senses   and  provides  passage into  becoming  fully  aware of  responsibilities  in life,  under the  guidance  of  the  basic frames  of  the  family(father and mother or  designate  care provider)


a) Nuclear  family made up of father, mother, and  their offspring

b) Extended family consisting of grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins,nephews  and in-laws

c) Cohabit   family, (live-in lovers, friends, co-tenants, and  good  neighbors)     

d) Single-parent   family, whereby  there  is  one  parent  available  by  designs  or  circumstance


a) To  duplicate  and regulate  self

b) Cooperate through designed  efforts  to care and provide guidance to their children                                                                                                                    

c) Give needed counsel

d) Socialize  and  uphold written and unwritten bond

Definition  and  concept  of  what constitutes  a  family  may  differ , depending  on  the  part of the  world  reside, the  difference  bothers on extensiveness  or  otherwise of it.

As  we  delve  into  the  relevance of  family  in the natural  design  of  human  history, whether  we  want to refer or  reflect  on  the  story  of  Mr Adam  and  Madam Eve,  we   will  be in no  doubt     that    family  is  the  nucleus  of  humanity.

Every aspect  of  creation  is  formed  in units  of  semblance, this  principle  is  precipitated  action(s) of  universal  atomic responses ,attractions  and  regenerations  of  selves.

Seen  as  a  natural  cause  directed   by  our  desires  and  emotions, the  relationship   there-after  creates  an  eternal  bond .As  we  say ;blood relation  is  inseparable; understanding  the family bond  as described  above,  nullifies  the issue  of  legitimate  and illegitimate  children  because  there is  no illegitimate  human being  any where in the  world.


The  role  and  structure  of  family  has  continued  to  evolve   from  one   civilization   to  another.

For  example, the  contemplation  of  family  has  always  been  father  and  mother  and   children  but   had  drastically   changed  over  the  years, we  see   increasingly   more  and  more  single parenthood  especially  in  the  developed  world  spilling  into  developing  world

On  the other  hand  we  have  also  noticed   that  more  people  are  increasingly  and  voluntarily  annexing   their  units  to another   that  poses  similar  values  forming  themselves  into  more  formidable  units  .

Co-tenants   and  good  neighbors  coming  together  to  see  themselves   same  as  blood  relations   and  into  family  unit of  a kind


The   role  and  relevance  of  family  in  bringing about  societal  harmony   cannot  be   over emphasized.

As   aforementioned , family  units  are  the  micro reflects  of  macro humanity,  this  assertion  lays  the  responsibility  of  ordering  and  re-ordering  of   entire  human relationship on families.

Families   are  the  headmasters  of   our  society, this  primary  and  first  institution  known to man   also   serves   as   the  gateway  to  all  disciplined  and  indisciplined  minds  of the  earth.The  influence   that  this  natural institution  leaves  on  mankind   last  as long  as   man  lasts.

A  disciplined   family  while  regenerating   itself  leaves  a   duplicate  of  self  that  is  in  most  cases same  as  the  original in some  sense. So  that  peaceful families  make up   peaceful communities .

Family   units   are  the  transmitting  grounds  for   values  of  the  entire  society. It   becomes   inauspicious  should  there  be   any  failure   from   families  to   provide  and   equip   their  offspring  with  necessary  instruments  of  right  values   and  culture

The  larger  society  depends  on  families   for  the  delivery  of  sound minded , well trained  and  cultured  individuals   that   constitutes   our   human  race. Acknowledging  how  critical   the  role  of  families  are   in  nation   building, more  governments  efforts  are   required  in  order  of  priority  in  pursuance  of  this  holy  agenda.

Global  economic  crisis , political  instability ,greed   and  human  recklessness impede  efforts   for   more  peaceful and cohesive family. Many  children  more than   ever,  now  grow  without  father  or  mother .

Many  parents  live   apart  , not because  they  would  not  want  to  be  together   but   because   of   need  to  provide   for  the   same  family. Situations  abounds   where   parent(s)  have  to  travel  thousands  of  miles   in  search  of  greener  pasture  or  other  interests.

Other  instances   bother  on  the  issue  of     legal  separation   and  personal  choice  in  case  of  those  who  would  want  to  remain  single  parent for  reasons  other  than   those  mentioned  above.

Appreciating  children  as   the  future  of  our  civilization ,the   failure   to  deliver   on  the  part  of  parents   should   be  a  cause  for   global  concern.Family  units  are  the  constituents  divides  of  the  entire  mankind.  The   mind  of   children  are  like    a  soft  sponge   that  absorbs  whatever  liquids   that  it  comes in  contact  with. The   mind  sucks  in  whatever  character it  see  from  the  principal (parents  or guardian  ) 

Poverty  and  greed   are  also  seen  as  instigators,   whereby  mothers  in  countries  operating  social system  decides   to  deny  their  offspring  the  emotional  balance   that  children  deserves,  as  some   purposefully  file as   single  parent   at  social  welfare  office  to  maximize  social   reimbursement , forcing  the  children  to  grow  without  fatherly care  which has  obvious   emotional  consequence

Sometimes lack of prudence in the administration of justice makes children more  vulnerable, children  are   forcefully  taken  away  from  their  parent(s)  for   legal  reasons,even  though  it  is  important  to  protect  children  from  abuses  of  all kind,   emotional  needs   of  the  affected  children  should  also  be  part  of  primary  consideration  for  relevant  agencies .


In  sub-saharan  Africa, definition  and  practice  of  family   is  more  universal   in  contents  and  context. The  composition   of  a  typical  African  family  is  more  extensive  in  nature

Issues  of  common  wealth,tradition, strong  cultural  demands  and  general  social  environment  encouraged  extensive   family bond.  In  some  cases   children  grow up  playing  around  in  a  common  and  unrestricted  environment; making  it  possible   for  them to still  maintain   strong  bond  even  at  a  matured  age.

Nuclear  family  in  Africa     shall  include , parents, children,  grand  parents,  cousins, uncles, aunts ,nephews ,in-laws etc

Stake holder  are   also  very  crucial which  includes  religious  leader,  traditional  leader  , head  of  the clan  and  most importantly the  family head  who  has   veto  power  over  a  whole  lots  of  issues   concerning   the  nuclear  family, for  example   land  issue , marriage, inheritance  and  judicial  matters .

This  special  bond  makes   sharing   of  responsibilities   and  bounties   very  easier .The  up  bringing  of  the  children  is the  responsibility  of  every  member  of  the  family

 There   is  evidence that Africans  form more cohesive  family  ties  than  anywhere  else  in the  world.

These  attitude   had   helped   to  promote  character  formulation,  respect  and  resilience  

The  message  is   that  ; upbringing  of  children  has  time  frame   and  what ever   that  is  missed    within  the  normal  psychological  time frame  will be  difficult  to  reverse  or  recover.

Families  are    workshops  of  the   future  civilization , the  more  peaceful  families   that  we  have  the  more  peaceful  world   we   create.

Create  a  peaceful  family today   to  contribute  to  a stable  , harmonious  and  peaceful  society

Elder  Tony (Human Digest)


Members  of the transition  committee   headed  by the chairman Chief   Kevin 

Osuji, Chief K . I  Onyenze  ( Aku-na-ese-Okwu 1) Chief  Lambert Igbanugo, Mazi Ted Aguziem,  Chief  Chalk Ogbuefi ,Hon Chris Onyemma, Allen  Agwu who  served as the  secretary  general  and  Chuks   thanked  all those   who participated  in the   eléction and  all  ICAN  members  for  their  co-operation   through out  the   service   period.

The  chairman   Hon  Kevin    Osuji  was   full  of  praises  to  all  ICAN  members  and  the  Election  Committee  chaired  by  Dr  Agu with   Prof  Ejiofor    and  former  financial secretary   Hon Felix  Okoye as  members.  He  was  particular  about  the  transparency  and  their   ability  to  deliver 

The   election  committee  was    dissolved  by  the  new  Chairman  immediately   after    a short  hand  over  ceremony   conducted by the   Chairman of  the  transition  committee .

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Kolanut  is  not  just  a  seed   but   a  symbol  of  life, peace   and   a  seed  of  communion  with   supreme  being ,the   creator   God.   

In  cases  of   attention, disputes, marriage, initiation , rituals,Customs, and  every  official  engagement  in  Igbo land  must  not  be  without  Kolanut

IJERE  MASQUERADE , the  most   cherished  masquerade  in  Igboland, South  East  of  Nigeria


Yam  tuber   is  the  most   significant   cash   crop  in  many  parts  of   sub-Saharan  Africa. To  many  in  West  Africa  it  has   cultural   significance   and  is  being  celebrated  yearly  by  many  ethnic  groups.

From  your  left is;Chief Kevin  Osuji Chairman Transition Committee ICAN   ,Secretary  Allen  Agwu,  Mazi   Ted  Aguziem, and  Chief  Ogbuefi  Chalk.



Salutation  is the expression  and  exchange of goodwill, its  also  another  word  for greetings

How  much   does   salutation  cost? and  why is it  almost the  culture of the  whole  world  to  salute. Every  culture  and  social setting  demands  one  form of  salutation or the other.

Some  bow, kiss,   smile, wave hands, blink eye , prostrate  ,kneel , say  some  coded  word(s) , shake hand, clap  hands etc.All  these  are  attempts  to  show  some  level of  goodwill  or even  pretend that.

In  a  social  context,   salutation  has   always  been at  the center   of   ideal  social  interaction  .It  is  regarded  as  a command  action, it  commonly evokes  or  commands re- action from  the  beneficiary .

How  important  is  greeting  really?

I  am   lost   in  imagination   of  what   will  be  the   reaction  in a case  of    an  applicant    who   came  in for   an  interview    but  could  not  say  a  word  of   salutation   to  the  panel of  interviewers.

 Salutation  is  one   form of   psychological   and  social    tool  to   ignite  and   propel   social  interaction.

Today   every   successful   business  relationships   and  agreements   began  with  salutation  it  does not  matter  the  form  or  how.

Should  we  realize  the  relevance of   salutation,  then  we  may   greet  even  animals  and  hills.Its  one  action   that   does  not  fail to  activate  reciprocation  from   concerned.

Salutation  has  one   important  side  effects , and that  is  the  fact  that  it  causes  one  to  be   polite  and  cheerful  in  an  ideal  salutation   situation.

Salutation   can   influence  your  enemy   to  your  advantage  some  times.

That  beautiful  marriage   started  from  exchange  of  greetings.

Most  importantly  do  not  forget  to  salute  yourself  first.

By  Tony


Fashion  is  an  expression   of   temperament   of   inner   sense   of  beauty, it  brings  satisfaction       and  sense  of   pride

There   is  no  doubt   that   as  one  major   part   of     human  activities  on  earth , the  sense  of  fashion   leaves   behind   on  the  sand  of  history  certain  cultural   residue  and  sense   of  beauty, it  affects  the  psych and  thinking  pattern   of  humans     over  time.

Life styles   are    the reflections  of   our  emotional   and  psychological  responses of   our    certain   subjective  feelings.   Engendering   feeling  of   attainment   and  pride.

As  with    every  occurrence ,  every  fashion  mode   has  life  cycle , that  is   when    it    is  invoke   and  when  its not.

Some   modes  of  fashion   includes, :


These   are   some  of  the   ways  people  display  inner  satisfaction  and   pleasure which   most  times   are   expensive

As  mentioned  above ,  fashion    do  sink  or  integrate  into  the  culture  of  those    who  engage  in  particular  character  of  fashion.

For  example , tattoo   came  into  existence   in  Africa. It  was   used  to  remind  the  bearer  of  a  worthy   event.  It  was   then   used   also  to  identify  individuals while   being  used  to  proclaim  statue  in  society. This    act  is  still  going  on   in  some   few  African   cultures  but  basically  for   reasons  other  than  the  afore-mentioned .

Certain    roots   and  leaves  are   used   to   produce  the  ink  that  can  last  for  a   life  span .These   mode  of    fashion  was transported  out  of  the   shores  of  Africa   with  the  possibility  of  intercontinental   contacts   thousands  of  years   ago.

Across   all   cultures of   the  world , there   is   one  rule  that  is  common    and  that  is  the rule  of  modesty . Moderation  is  the  only fair  judge of  our  free  will.

In  a circumstance  of  fashion   which  is   a matter  of  choice  and  subjective   satisfaction  , the  responsibility  that  results  from our  actions  of   fashion   are  retributive   and  can   result  into  legal, social cum economic   constraint  .

Research   tends  to   favor  assertion  that   colored  people  are   most  culturally  minded  people  on  earth.  Thus  the  application  of   fashion  as  it  relates  to  body  painting,tattoo  and  piercing   are  common  amongst  colored   people   . Fashion  extremists   are  also  common  within  this  category   of  people.   We  should  bear  in  mind   that  one   of  the  signs   or  effects   of  fashion  extremism   is   societal retrogression  with  impoverishment   consequences.

However,  modes  of   fashion  can   also  be  used  to  share  positivity  around  us.  We   have   seen   what  the   fashion  designers  have  been  able   to  achieve   and  transformational   message   therewith  .Same  could  be  said  of   make-up artists,   turning   history  around   positively

We  will   focus   here  on  piercing   which   is  as  old  as  beauty  itself. It  is  always  a  sight   to  behold   women  with   their  ornaments  including  men.

We  have  also  seen  how  extremism  in  the  choice  of  fashion  mode   has  turned   certain  mode  of  fashion   into  an  inhibition   to  economic  opportunities  ...

For  a  young  man  who   wear   a   sagged   trouser  , showing  his pant  or  inner  wear,  and  is  constrained   in   functionality   because  he  must  drag  his  foot  in  certain  manner  of   movement,  his  economic   productivity  must  always   be  low  in  out - put.

Ken,  (not  his  real name) finished   his  college  education as  a  brilliant   young man  with  high  grade  result. He  came   from  the  so  called   colored   people  in  his   country.

He   had  nose, mouth and eye lid piercing.. There  are  tattoos    around the neck   and  some  other   parts  of  the  body  that  were  covered   with   cloth.

It  is  important  here  to note   that  Mr Ken  studied  public   relations.He  had  wanted   to  get  work immediately   after graduating .Though  after  going  through  his   qualifications   he  is  always   favored   for   interview  but  none   has  resulted   into  employment . He  had  always  grudged   that  he  is  being  discriminated    against,   probably   because  of  racial background.

The  case  of   Ken   is  an  example  of  how  our  choices  can   jeopardize  our   chances  in  life.

Companies  and  concerns  are  wiser   in their   choice  of  who   represents or  works  with  them .Whatever  fashion   that  is  our  choice   has  inbuilt    message   consciously  and  unconsciously . Certain   fashion mode  can  really  make  sensual  satisfaction   but  can  transmit  subjective   negative   social  norm to the  disadvantage  of  the  bearer .

Most  times  these  character   of  fashion  extremism   tends   to  stratify   those  involved  into   a  group   with  minimal    acceptance  of  lager  society  especially     from   where   we  can  tap  into  our   economic   empowerment .

The choice   is  ours  ,so  is  also   the  consequence  of  our  actions.

By  Elder  O   Tony



Culture is  an  important  foundation  of   any  society  as  well    as    the  foot  print  of   humanity

It  is  an  evidence  of  human   existence on the earth planet.

What  we  know  as  Culture   is   inherited  attempts   by   our  ancestors  to  surmount  the  challenges   that    besieged   them  in  their  life  paths  in  areas  such as   Values,  Belief, Custom,Rites, Environment, Death, Birth, inheritance etc.

It   is  the  records   of  their  intellectual   achievements  perpetuated from  ages.

The   efforts  of  our  ancestors   to  master  their  environment resulted  into  discoveries  and  inventions  in the  area  of  science,technology, medicine, commerce  and   arts .The   mastery  they  gained  in  the  use  of  Stone technology  assisted   greatly   in  the inventions  of  further  more  tools which  further  increased   their  output  . Therefore    actions  geared towards  solving   their  numerous  challenges   formed main  frame  of their  culture .


The   major components of  Culture  include;

(1) Language

(2 Signs and  Symbols

(3) Values

(4) Norms  and  Environmental  Responses


Language  is  a  crucial  method  of  communication   through  word  expression . This method  enabled   them  to  express their   subjective  desires  and    feelings.

Language  can also  be  expressed    through  symbols  which is    the   earliest   form  of  communication.

You  will   notice  that  before   a  new    born  could  talk  ,  the  baby   must  have   been   demonstrating   his  or  her  desires and   feeling  . People   who  could  not  talk (dumb)  from   birth  grow  up  with  demonstrating  all their  feelings  and  desires even   when  there is  no  knowledge   of  sign  language.

As  humans   widen  their  scope  of   discoveries ,  such as  contacts  with  new   areas  , mountains , caves   as  well as   communities  ,the   challenge  of  communicating   with  their  new  contacts   arose. In  most  cases,    combination  of  sounds  and  symbols  were  deployed,  culminating   to  yet   another   tongue(language).  This  was how  multiplicity  of  language  all   began

Most  times     a  common   language  is   spoken  in  an   area  .The  reason  is  no   other  than  evidence   of  human  interactions  covering   certain  area.

Language  as  a  dynamic  component  of  Culture   renews  itself  as  it  expands  through   human   contacts  and  legislation.  After all,   language  is  technically  speaking  a  combination   of sound  vibrations  .


Signs  and   symbols   as  earlier   stated  is  the  earliest   form  of  communication  ever  known  to  man.

Aside  the  coded  sign  language   as  we  know  it  today, human  beings  had  always  lived  their  lives   communicating  through  signs  and  symbols.

In  Yoruba  land  in  the  Southwest  of  Nigeria West  Africa    Kings  as  well  as     ordinary   citizens  have   always  communicated    through  signs  and  symbols  ,this  system   is  coined  (Aroko)  in  yoruba  parlance  . A  king  that   would  want  to  go  to  war   with  another  King  will   send   a  combination  of appropriate   materials  to  convey  a clear  message , it  may  be  leaves,  farm implement , piece    of  cloth etc  which  the  other  will   just  understand .

Signs  and  symbols  characterize    collective  values  and  concept  of  people

Semiotics  opined  that  meanings  behind  objects  of  symbols are  not  always   inherent  in them but  are  constructed   around  them by perceptions  of  the   immediate  locals.

Thus   signs  and  symbols   speak  to   different   people  in  different   language.For   instance ,shaking  of  head  may  mean  agreement to   some people  but may   send entirely  different  message   to  another.


Values  are  the  subjective   standards   of  our   behavioral patterns. These   values culminate  from  our   cultural   geography   and  orientation.It  is  influenced   first  by  the  emotional  knowledge   ,appreciation   of   our  environment   and  human dignity. It  forms  the  basic  foundation  from  which  we  respond to   every  day  demands  as  we   interact   with  families, neighbors ,  and  community

Value   differ  from people   to  people.In   Yoruba    culture  in  southwest   of  Nigeria , West  Africa    ,  a  younger  person  is  not  expected   to  look  eye  to  eye   to   an  elder,   while  in    a  place  like  Europe  you  are   expected  to   look   eye  to  eye    otherwise    it  leaves  an  impression  of  deception .


Norms  are  the   vehicle  of  execution   of  our   over- all  cultural  contents .For  instance  depending   on  where  we  are  ,  we  are  expected  to  behave   in  certain  ways   or  in  line  with  some  norms.

When  we  see  our  elders ,  we  are   expected  to  greet  them   reverently. On  how   environment   affect  our  conducts  regarding   norms. We   know  that   when  you   talk to  some  one  with  respect , you  are  not  expected  to  talk  while  hands   are  deep  inside  your  pockets  in  some  environment. But   in  Europe,   especially  during  the  cold   season  the  circumstance   is not expected  to be  the same   for  fear  of   cold weather .

People  who  live  in  desert   area,  always  cloth  themselves   covering  heads , mouth, nose   and  over  all   parts  of the  body  because  of    the  adverse   weather  effects. Over time  this  type   of  clothing   became   a norm  which   is  now   being   exported   and  assumed as  a norm.

Dynamism  of culture    Part2   (Cultural relativity  and  ethnicity)

Diversities   that  exist in    macro -cultural  society   reflects   also  in  the   micro-cultural units . The  macro  cultural  society  is  the   main frame   culture  of  any  tribe ,  nation, region, continents   but the  micro cultural  units  are   the  individual  difference   that  exists   between  persons   and  tribes   regarding   cultural  values. People   are not  always   wiser  than   their   levels  of  information   from  formal   education  and  basically  their  immediate  cultural environments as these    are   basics   for  foundation  of  five  sense  intelligence .

Therefore , the  cultural  intelligence  of  any  tribe or  nation   depends   on  what   sense   they  could  make   from  interpreting   values  around  them.

While  communal  living  in  Africa  is  so   cherished  by  them,    the  Europeans  thinks  that   every one  should   better  live  in  his  or  her   isolated  enclave.   Social  habit  of  one  tribe ,nation or  region   is sometimes  at  variance   from  cultural   values    of  others.    The  ability    to  see  beauty   in the coloration that exist   in  the   cultural  differences   which   are  wide   spread     over   the   world   should  be   the  beginning   of  the    peace  for  humanity .

Knowledge  and   interests   were   deployed   by  the  European  explorers ,  to  patiently   work   with other   cultures  across   the  world . This tactics   prepared them better  to   understand  the culture  of the   environment,  perhaps   for  sole  economic  reason  .

It  is  obvious  that   the more  patiently and  respectfully  we view   other cultures  as  parts  of the   beauty   of   the  essence   of  humanity  the , more  appreciative  one  becomes   with resultant  peaceful  world.

However   some    cultural   values   provides  evidence  of  inhumanity  inherent  in  them, but  all  that  is  needed  would be   to   look    into   these    variations  with   wider   view  and   understanding.

History   they  say   repeats  itself     most  times. Recent   occurrences in  many   parts   of  the  world   were   in  response  to the  ignorance   of   cultural   history  of  certain  environments.

In  the  rediscovery   of  the   De world    considered   as  a global  village,  more   show  of  understanding ,  patience   and  respect   are  needed   just   as  the   earliest   Europeans  did   during  their  first  contact   with  America, Africa and  Asia.

Realizing   that   the  multiplicity  and  variation  in  culture  should    serve   as   more  input  than  chaos in  the  humanity


Elder  Tony


Social  stratification  refers   to  the   system   in which  social  interaction is  based   on  some   form of categorization.  For  instance  , the   categorization  based  on race, religion,physical look  (color/ size) gender  etc.

In  today´s   world   humanity is  still faced    with  the   negative   influence    of    stratification   along   the  line  of  race,    religious   inclination  , gender and    financial   class etc. .  In many    countries   including    United   states  of  America  (USA), India  , and  some countries  in Africa  like  Nigeria and   the  rests,   issues   of   social   stratification  along  these  afore-mentioned  lines  have  survived   many      legislative  and   social make-ups.   In  some  country   it  is   an  issue of   Culture   that   can    naturally  resist     the  counter   pressure    of    legislation   .

Seen  as      issue  of   Culture  ,   social  discrimination   (social Stratification) can be   said   to  be   one  of  those many  retro-progressive  culture which  must   be  discouraged.  Culture   should  be    a  social   enabling    factor. As   intellectual   achievement  accounts  left   in the sand  of time  of   history or  civilization,  it  should  be    a  social   factor   that   should  propel  humanity  in the   direction of  social  integration  and  not otherwise .

Racism  is    one  form  of  social  stratification   that   has    persisted   in   many  countries  of  the  world  irrespective  of  legislation , education  and    social  development .A  system   that   segregates  people  from  others,    basically  on  human  color  or  originality.

We  see   how  people  are  increasingly manifesting attitude   of   intolerance    based  on the idea   that   they  are  superior  to  others  socially, religiously  or even politically. In  a  sense  , the   drive   is  merely  towards  selfishness, greed, exploitation  and  dominance.

Socio-economic  significance   of  social  stratification  has  negative  consequence.A  social  circumstance  where    institution of  learning   and  other social   building  mechanism  are  contemplated  along   cast, race, or  some  other  categories    foretells    societal doom.


Indians  are    deep  in  the  practice  of  cast   system.   It  entails  categorization  and  discrimination  based  on   race.Individuals   are  born    to  a  predetermined  cast   or  class  of  humans    and   may  not   be   able  to   interact  across   the line   of  other  social   class, like  in  marriage  etc.

The  Casts  are   as  follows;  The    Brahmans,  Kshatriyas,  Vaishyas  (the   untouchable) (according
 to (John  J  Macionis  and  Ken  Plummer)

The  untouchables  are  simply    the  untouchables,  inter-marriage  is  simply   unthinkable.Virtually  no  relationship  across  the line  of  a  strata.Think  of  the     social  in-balance   that  this  will precipitate and   the  contradiction   that  will  result   from   the  inter net   world  we live  in today.


In  the   south  east   of  Nigeria, there  is  what  they   called  OSU  cast.

Before    modernity,  some   hundreds   of  years  ago  when  there   is   no  form   of  governance  and  plenty  of  idolatry  ,people   are  in  constant   fear  of  kidnappers  who  will  in turn  sell  people for  slavery,  wars,  and  all   kinds  of  social  injustice.The  only  authority    then   are  Idols,shrines, gods    and  warlords.

Those    who   want  to    insure   themselves   and  family   against    these  fears   must   opt      for  the  protection    of  powerful   idols, shrines  ,gods  or  even a warlord  .  In  that  way  , any    one  who    would  want  to   infringe  on   their    rights  will first  think   of the  consequence  and fear of  gods and shrines . Individuals  and  families    and  even  clans   were    able  to  secure  themselves   from   assumed  enemies.

Presently    when  all    the  descendants    of  these  people   described     above   have  long  been  converted  to Christianity or some  other  forms  of  religion  and  modernity,   many    of  these   people  are  still  living  under  stigmatization  and  discrimination. Other  members  of  the  society   tagged  them  OSU  and  would  not    inter-marry  with  them or  socialize   with  them..This   discrimination   and  stratification  exist  even   the  church.The   social  malice  has   defied   all    scriptural demands,     effects  of  modernity   and  social  realities  of  the  time.The    social  and   economic  consequence  of  this  culture  is  worth not less than inhumanity.

By   O. Tony ( Human  Digest)


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