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he  Farmyard of Life.

In the farm yard of life exists  forest on the land and land on the sea beneath. The expanse of land and  her beauty of colors  is beyond  the reach of an eye.

The lands blossoms in her virginity but the farmer must till the land to cultivate.

The farmer hopes on the return from the yield.The farmer on the land (life) needs the  following;

 (1) Patience (2)Courage and energy (3)Good sense of judgement (4)Land to cultivate on (5) seed. & good implements.

The farmer  needs good sense of judgement  in making choice of land  most appropriate with productivity and profit making in mind 

He must also be courageous and energetic ,so as withstand the challenges of weather and resistances from trees and vegetation,

The sharp and precise instruments helps the farmer to navigate through the above mentioned challenges more easily .It also  helps him to save time and affords him more chance of  mastery in his arts and work.

Patience assists the farmer for a  long or short wait for the maturity of  the yield. It serves the master farmer when appropriating judgement in cases of trespassers causing  riot and damages to the farmer or through other natural causes

 Good seed is so crucial and critical to the success of the farmer. Projection of a bounty  harvest must begin from the calculation of seed(s)  sowed  .  ´As you sow so shall you reap´, accordingly  to the nature of seed and the fertility of the soil.

 The farmer´s choice  of seed and soil   influences the output  of harvest positively or negatively 

As the farmer guesses out of the window to behold the far stretch of his farm, he affirms  in self assurance ,he knew the grade of the seed he sowed and fertility of the soil.

But the farmer´s apprehension is not unconnected with heavy sky, its likely to rain, so the fear of the farmer is the possible damage through flood or strong wind.

 The farmer knows that his open farm is vulnerable to the attacks from  bush rats and other animals even weather. 

As he awaits  bounteous harvest, the farmer must use good and accepted methods to protect his farm from pests and other risks as earlier mentioned.

The farmer´s patience was both as needed and as challenged when he saw all his labor being damaged by unfriendly agents.

Some cows ran amok and entered the farmer´s field, causing damage  to the farmyard,

The farmer, irked by the incidence is left with numerous options ,(a) Kill the cows (b)Chase them around which may cause more damage (c)Introduce fencing (d)Stop planting.

 As the farmer contemplates on the choice of action, he realizes he needed good sense of judgement  and that is what he finally used in handling the unforeseen  circumstances of  the farmyard of life. Humanityjournals.



The masquerade displays to satisfy the audience ,It responds to the empowering sounds of the gong.

The flute man added flavour .

Gingering the masquerade with strength, tasks and praises

The masquerade displays , displays and displays, reaching high in emotion ,

Soon the masquerade became more reckless and daring,

But when the masquerade jumped into  a deep pit , The gong man and  the flute man seized their actions  and silence  prevails  as the masquerade has gone where it came from



Stratification, segregation and isolation were political tools used by dictators, oppressors and  imposers  to enable  them ensure total obedience to them and their wishes.Divide and rule is not a new a parlance in politics.

There are many forms of  stratification or caste system as we witness in India, Mauritania ,Niger, Ghana, Nigeria and many others mostly of African extraction .

We have social segregation, economic, political and  religious stratification .

Note that all forms of segregationists activities are chief cause of tribal  unrests and wars especially in parts of Africa.

There is need here to cite the damaging socio-economic consequences which goes in concomitant with  caste system.

Above all, i will mention here that these activities are merely inhumanity against humanity.

Historically, Out-caste or caste system were  basically introduced to the African by imposers  under whom they inherited new ideas and  experience of new world .

It was basically fashioned to enable them foster adequate  administrative  control and obedience .

Before the interaction with outside world, Africa was predominantly Animists or simply those with knowledge that every existence has potential powerful energy or spirit animating it.

The Animism as a science has enabled Africa to solve health problem, security, environmental challenges and , innovations  even with the knowledge of the future.

When the explorers  came, they met a set of well equipped individuals spiritually , No doubt that those shrines and oracles  and priests may have vivified and astonished the explorers who incidentally  were the same as  slave merchants  and missionaries.

These individuals were beguiled to let go of science, mastery of environment,  herbal knowledge, form of religious practice  for a new idea.

From harvesting those who were  banished from their land for committing  abominable acts ,the explorers whose ship is standing ready to take with it whatever that  can be converted into wealth  encouraged  locals to come with business .

 Soon they became aware that their  brothers and sister ,children mother or father can be  converted to money or wealth.

Gunpowder, sword, and all sorts of intimidation  weapons were given to Kings  who were already bought over or recruited to  scout for products (human beings). So many shrines were destroyed and images taken away by colonists who are also slave merchants and missionaries .

There were complacency from Christianity then, slave  merchants are made Knights  and Lords. Thus, those who were busy supplying gunpowder and bullets to Kings and locals for more slaves are Church Knights or even priests .

I say that time has evolved ,there is nothing that will make men of 21st century view others from the eye lens of 12th century.Pagan ,or whatever the choice of people, humans  should be judged by actions and  deed in human inter-relationship.

 I do not need to over emphasis  the social trauma  these individuals experience, they   will be discriminated  even in the church and that will  explain to you the complacency of the church.Active program  targeted towards these individuals by governments and non governmental agencies should  help in solving the helplessness of state and local authorities in dealing with this social monster.

  Humans are blessed with minds and will power  but not until they are  put to use , it may not serve us. Any culture  that tends to  challenge humanity with inhumanity should be  expunged .




Kings   can  be  made  or  appointed    without  leadership  qualities  but  when  leaders  emerge , evidence  of   quality   characters   abounds .

We   must  understand   that   there   are   many    claiming  to  be   leaders , most   of  whom   have   perfidious   intentions   as  foundation  for  their   objectives .

A king  rules , but  genuine  leaders   leads  and  thus  require   certain  tools   in  terms  of   emotional    fortitude    and   character   formulation .

A  king   is  restricted  to  the  circumference  of  his  Kingdom  .But   for  the  leader ,  the  range  of  influence   exists   where - ever   the  mind  of   man  (humans)  exists,  and  so  knows  no  bound  and  not  restricted.

QUALITIES  OF   A  LEADER                                                                                      







We  have   many  clamouring   for  positions  of  leadership,   locking  every one  else   out  of  the   secretive   desires   of  their  hearts,   while  some  wanted  the  position  to  avenge  for   what   was   hidden  in  their  mind´s  thought reservoir .Though  it  is  certain  that   no   angry  person  is  in  total  control  of   his  or  her  five  senses .This   can  confirm  that  angry  rulers  ends  in  ruins  and  only   those   with   clear    positive  objectives  in  mind   and  humane  hearts  do  make  glorious  ends.

The  work of   Daniel  Goleman 1998  put  it  this  way ; ´Conscientiousness  is  a  tap-root  of  success  in  any  field ´.

Because   the  qualities   associated   with  leadership   is  mostly  within, meaning  that   they  are   in-born  ,  though   skills  are  needed  to  unlock  and  improve  on it  ,they    always   flow  through   the  channel  of  conscience .The  rightness  of  the  conscience   therefore  is  critical   since   the   leader   must    feel  the  mind - beats  of   followers .  

Qualities   of  being  a  successful  politician   stands  in  contrast  to those  of  a  leader.

  Research   lead    to  conclusion   that   as  soon  as    leadership  qualities  are  compromised   , down  trends   sets  in   and  failure will  follow.

There  is  no  political   environment   in  the  world of  today   where  you  have  conscientiousness ,reliability  ,humility ,approachability , ethical  soundness.

Politics   as   elements  of  galvanizing  opinions  ,  usurping   authority  and  influence     does  not   contain  in   itself    fairness   and  conscientiousness   since  its      designed  to   manipulate  and  dominate  .

Those    who   claim  to  be   world  leaders    are  after  all   world  rulers   simply    because    world   politics  as   at  today   lacks   morality  ,ethics,  and  fairness  and conscientiousness .

Its   a  matter   of   supremacy   and  selfishness  in  total  neglect  of  humanity.

Camouflage   statements   otherwise   known  as  diplomatic  languages  are   nickname   for  lies    often  told   by  these  rulers.

IN    THE     NEW    WORLD                                                                                        

And  in  that   world  to  come ,  Leaders  became   Kings  and  kings   became  Leaders.

Powerful   nations   seized   to   encourage   wars   and  destruction  .

No   more  diplomatic  languages  but  absolute  truths    told  on  the  podiums.

People  are  no  longer  watching  there  back   for  possible    explosion   caused    by  those   beggars   of  pity   and  illusionists . Where  leaders   will be  mindful   of  the  consequence   of  failure  and  responsibility   for   their  action.  Realities    have   now  replaced    anger,  extremism  of  all  kinds.There  is   awareness   of   responsibility  of  humankind   to  keep   the   trust   of   the  creator    in  giving  us  our  dear   earth   and  her  green  environment.

Intercontinental    and  racial   exploitation   exists  no  more   and  there is  now  common  humanity   with  common  destiny  with  leaders   who are  kings.



Life ,  an  evidence  of  vital  energy of existence .As  an  energy,  it  is  a distinctive   fundamental  that  distinguishes  living  from non  living. But  it  must be clear  here   that   the  life  energy   encompassed  all  existence ,the  difference  is  that  of  it  levels  of  activeness    in   these   creatures   perceived  to  be   dormant .

All   creatures   have   some  level  of  life   force  active   in  them , though they   may  appear  as  dormant .

Humans   exhibit   a   very  complex   form  of  life  .It   is  evidenced   principally   by  the   ability   to   conceptualize  ,to   transmute    subjective  thoughts   into  materialized   innovations  in science, arts, culture,  medicine  etc.

To  be    able  to  manage   these   potentials  , the  container  of  these   unimaginable    capacity (human  body)  must  be   in  a    sound  state.This  simply   means  that   the  body   must    be   in  a    healthy  and  capable  position    to    function, being   able   to   interpret   every  signal  delivered  by  the   brain   and   rightly   appropriate   it.

The   power  of  the   mind  of   man   has   no  limit  in actuality  and  capacity. All   what   you  see   today  as  technological   advancement , scientific  discoveries , structures    and  innovations  are    all   conceived   by  the  minds  of  man.

The   vital  life  energy    and   the   ability  to   apply it   is  what   distinguishes   man   from  the  rest  of   the   creatures.

 There  is  one  major   element   of  humanity  which   has  always   been  used   by  man    to   counter   all  challenges    presented   by  nature , its called  emotion .

For   any   successful   human  activity,    emotion  will  be  very  critical .We  shall  define   emotion    here  as   heightened   operations  or  activities  of   our  feelings  be  they   negative  or  positive.

The   progress  made  by   humanity     in     centuries    focused   on    how  efficient    humanity   has   been   able  to   interpret   and    appropriate   these  billions   of    signals    sent  in  as  emotions   from  the   brain,   which    turned   into  stimulus

It  brings   us   face   to  face  with  issue  of   self awareness   or  for  the  reason  of  this   script; emotional  awareness.

Emotion    can   be   compared  to  an  electricity   which  is   very  useful   for  our  activities  but   if    not  properly managed  could   cause    enormous   catastrophe 

Emotion  is  a  sacred   energy   which    can  easily  overwhelm    our   calculations   as  humans. Therefore  our   ability   to  manage  our  emotion   is  the    beginning    of   our  rise   or  fall  trend.


We  would  have  wished  that    there  exists   a   medicinal    solution    to  rectify  our   incapacity    to  manage   our  emotion(s).  However , there  are  many  tips   which  can  be  useful    in   managing    emotional   disturbances   and  psychological   disorder .

Firstly  , we  must  realize   the  importance  or  otherwise  of   a  mismanaged  emotion.

1) Recognize   our  feelings

2)  Trace   the origin  of  our  feelings

3)  Consider  feelings  with  existing laws  and  morality

4)   Think of  the  consequence  of our  feelings

5)    Awareness  that  our  feelings  are  shaping  agents of  our  present  world.

6)  Inculcation  of  restraint

The   writings  of   1883 by  Mary  Baker  Eddy   tried   in  her  presentations  to   redirect    the    thoughts  of   our  minds,   such  that   it  shall  be   shielded  from   devastating   effects  of   unmanaged     emotions.

In   her  words;  ´It  is  our  pride  that  makes  another¨s criticism  rankle, our self-will  that   makes  another ´s  deed   offensive, our egotism  that     feels  hurt by  another´s   assertion.

We  can  manage  our   emotions    through    a   conscious  efforts in   understanding   our  position  in  relation  to others .When   we  really    understand  our   place  in   nature   and   in  our  world    then   that   awareness  in  itself   will  became  a subconscious    regulator  of     emotion.

Let  us   always   remember  that   the  world  is  wide; that   there   are   a  thousand   million  different   human wills  cum emotions , opinions, ambitions,   tastes, and   loves; that    each  person   has   a   different    history,   constitution (DNA),  culture ,  character , from  all  the  rest  ;

That     human   life   is  the   work , the  play,  the  ceaseless   action  and  reaction  upon  each   other    of  these   different  atoms  (humans)

Then , we    should   go  forth   into  life   with   the   smallest  expectations  but    with    the     largest  patience;  with  a   keen   relish    for   and   appreciation   of    everything  beautiful  , great,  and  good, but  with    a temper    so  genial   that     the   friction  of   the  world    shall not    wear  upon   our   sensibilities;  with an  equanimity  so  settled   that   no   passing  breath    nor   accidental  emotional   disturbance  shall   agitate  or  ruffle it.

Tolerance    is  the  mother   of  emotion  ,they   that  cherish   tolerance    shall rule   emotion.


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