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Forgiveness   is  an   act of  pardon of an offense  .It is  an  act of absolving  one  of an issue  of trespass  and transgression .

Since  the  action of forgiveness deals  on  the  mind and emotions, we have to treat  this subject as  a  subjective  issue.

Forgiveness  or  lack of it  can  engender  a  subjective circumstances that  will  result  into  serious  emotional cum  psychological  disorder  or orderliness .

Thus , forgiveness  viewed  socially  , is one important   social practice that  should be encouraged  from  the    initiatives  of governments  and  non governmental institutions  for  a safer  and secured  society .

Religious institutions  knew   the  scriptural value  of forgiveness  and  so  always prescribe  it to their  members  for  spiritual regeneration .

We  should concern ourselves  here  more on the social  value  of  forgiveness .Imagine  a  village where  people  refuse  to forgive one another for whatsoever  trespass against one another.

That  village certainly will  witness social chaos  , acrimony ,lack of social interaction  which  will in turn impoverish  the  village.This  is  how  lack  of  forgiveness  can  turn around  social  circumstances  .

It is  time  for  medical institutions to re-assess  the  usefulness  of  forgiveness in treating  not  only  psychological  disorder but  also  for  a  wider  health implications.

Lack  of  forgiveness  can   actually deform  the  psychic  and psychological  structure of  humans.

Let us  look into  the actions  and  emotional mechanism  of  forgiveness.

For   forgiveness  to  occur there  must be a  transgression  or an offense . There must  be the  offended and the offender ,not  ignoring  the  fact  that  people  can offend  themselves  .

Emotional  components  for an ideal  forgiveness  are;

Show of remorse , Manifestation of repentance ,Willingness to apologize ,and  adequate  actions  to convey  these  emotions  through  an accepted  media to the offended .

Some times   we  view   forgiveness  just  as another  religious obligation  which  we  could  adhere  to  if  we want.

But  we know that  lack of  forgiveness  has  material and  spiritual consequence  to the  offended   and  the offender   depending  on  whether   the offender  acquired  the  requirements  or emotional conditions  for forgiveness to take  place.

As  said  earlier  ,  the   practice of forgiveness  involves  two parties.  ,

We understand    instances where    people  claim to  grant  pardon to  offenders  when   those  offended  are agonizing    unpatronized .

In some  religious   group  you    discover   people who for their faith,  line up to  trade  their  wrong doing  with  some  penance .The    contents of their misconceptions  includes  that  people  sin against  God and not man .

It  is  fair  and  just  to say that  sin against  God is just  that  sin  against man.

Situations  that demands  for forgiveness  is that situation  that  are socially  dis-orderly and  unfair or unjust.

Orderliness  and  fairness  are  components  of  social  justice  and  order  in any given   society .The   truth is that   no man  can  really forgive another ´s transgression   unless   he or she is  involved  in  the offense  committed . Therefore  forgiveness  can  only  take place  when two  or  more  individuals  involved  decides  that they let go, or one  of the parties  has  demonstrated  adequate  emotional  requirement  for  forgiveness , then it will naturally occur .

By  Elder  Tony

Peace on earth and Good-will

Souls that are gentle and still

Hear the first music of this

Far-off, infinite,Bliss

Go gaze on the eagle, his eye

on the sun,

Fast gathering strength for a flight

well begun,

As rising he rests in a liberty higher

Than genius inflated with worldly desire

No tear dims his eye, nor his pinions

loose power

To gaze on the lark in her emerald

bower whenever he soars to fashion

his net,

No vision  more bright  than the

dream in his breast.

 Culled from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy 1883-1886



We  should remember that  the  world is  wide; that  there  are  a

thousands million different  human wills, opinions , ambitions,

tastes, and loves; that  each  person has  a  different  history ,

constitution, culture  character,  from  all  the rest; that human  life is  the  work, the play, the  ceaseless action  and reaction upon 

each  other  of  these  different atoms. Then, we should go forth  

into  life with  the  smallest  expectations, but  with   the  largest patience

By  Elder  TONY


May the beautiful  earth live, live long

The bounteousness  always boundless

When  the  green turn  grey, the birds

up cannot  fly,

The  land  is desecrated .

Man   should  seek  knowledge.

If men  and  earth  are set apart,

Surely they  shall  re-unite  above or below

If man know  himself he shall  know

the  earth  and  the  earth honored 

shall become